What to Do When Depression Creeps Upon You?


Everybody has moments of depression at one time or another. The ups and downs of life have a way of wearing us down. However, prolonged depression is a sign of something very serious. The reason can be obvious or non-obvious. Obvious reasons for depression could be the result of lack of intimacy with family, friends or a lover.

Non-obvious reasons could be to lack of fulfillment or loss of purpose in life. Sometimes our lives appear to be going nowhere. The hopes and dreams we once had are becoming unreachable. It appears that we are going in circles.

However, something must change, if we are to get our lives back on track and regain our emotional wholeness. We must get out of our selfish funk.

The Rebound

Hang on

Recovering from depression will not happen overnight. It will take time, depending on the level of setbacks and losses experienced. “This too shall pass,” as the slogan goes. Only be determined that nothing last forever, not even depression.



The biggest mistake depressed people do is to isolate themselves and refuse to communicate with anyone. Talking to someone, especially positive people, provides a source of energy for our mind, heart, and soul. Words possess power. The more positive they are the more impact they have on our emotions and feelings.

Make use of setbacks

The blows we experience in life have a way of strengthening our character and making us wiser. Everybody experiences adversity. The people who become highly successful have used adversity to reach the top of the mountain called greatness.

Allow yourself to laugh

Go to a comedy show or rent one on Netflix. Laughing makes our heart joyful. Studies show that the more we laugh, the healthier our immune system becomes. That is the reason why we should find every opportunity to laugh, every day.

Happy people learn to laugh in the face of adversity. Those who don’t most likely end up battling frequent episodes of depression.

Embrace precious Memories

Enjoy the memories of ex-lovers who exit your life. Don’t attempt to hold on to the person if he or she doesn’t want to stay or if the relationship isn’t going to work. Think about the good times which were shared between the two of you.

Set small goes

Reinvent your life by setting small goals. What would you like to learn to do? Maybe you always wanted to learn photography or learn to shoot videos of friends and family. Maybe you always wanted to write a children’s book. If so, enroll in a photography course or a writing class at the local technical college in your town or city.

Doing something new and different will transform your life. No longer will you be the same old routine-driven person who was always bitter about life.

Downsize your life if necessary

Sometimes depression comes when we are overwhelmed with responsibility. If we are trying to hang on to an expensive home or an automobile, or if we are ruining our health by working two jobs or juggling too many problem-filled relationships, then we need to let several things go and restructure our habits and routines.

Downsizing our lifestyles to gain a peace of mind and regain our emotional health is the wisest decision we can every make. What will it profit us if we have plenty of money and popularity but not enough good health to enjoy our possessions?

Refuse to Give Depresson the Upper Hand

When depression creeps upon you and tries to stay, you must realize that life must go on. Wasting time feeling sorrow for yourself will only allow depression to ruin the quality of your life, stealing your joy and weakening your immune system.

Stand strong. You will overcome. And Joy will flow once more.



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