What to Do If Your Spouse is an Alcoholic?


A marriage is intended to be a union full of joy, love and peaceful prosperity until that final day when we say good by to our partner. However, unexpected challenges may shake our relationship to the core. Alcoholism is one of those problems.

Our spouses may turn to alcoholism for several reasons. Financial pressures, loss of meaning in life, some form of tragedy. Whatever the reason, alcoholism destroys the quality of life, not only for a loved one but also for all who are connected to him or her.

Overcoming alcoholism begins with confronting our spouses. Without this step, the condition of your life will only worsen. Shame, arguments, and physical violence may be the result of the disease called alcoholism.

A Family of Alcoholics

The disease was so rampant in the family that I lost a total of three uncles and one aunt to the wrath of the negative habit of alcoholism. Staggering into the house and falling on the floor in a state of drunkenness was the norm. Physical and verbal attacks were a constant threat.


Nevertheless, if you spouse has fallen into the trap of alcoholism, you must decide to act immediately before the condition escalates.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

Alcoholism is a terror to any relationship. If the condition is in our spouse, we must not ignore it and believe that he will eventually grow tired and stop drinking. Such hope is an illusion. Usually, the condition gets worse, even escalating to point of violence.

Avoid Disrespecting Your Spouse

Even though our loved one is facing a dangerous problem, he or she deserves are undivided attention, encouragement, and support. Disrespecting our addicted spouses only worsens of the possibility of persuading them toward recovery and getting their lives back on track. Demonstrating our love is a powerful ingredient for showing our partners that we care.

Refuse to be Impatient

Alcoholism isn’t an addiction that a person can overcome suddenly because of outside pressure. Overcoming the disease takes time and assistance from special others. Sometimes it takes years of rehabilitation to completely beat a negative habit into oblivion. Know that with your patience and understanding of your partner’s ordeal is experiencing is key to the key to a successful recovery.


Addressing the problem of alcoholism may be difficult, but it must be done if the quality of your relationship is going to improve. Don’t be afraid of confronting your spouse, even if he or she gets angry with you. Your goal is to save your marriage.

If you think your spouse is prone to violence, try to have a relative nearby before you approach your partner regarding the matter. It’s better to be safe.

Get Support for Your Spouse

Overcoming alcoholism cannot be done alone. Addicts just don’t have the strength or will to reject the temptations to take drinks. Respectfully demand that your loved one voluntarily accept help for his condition. None of my relatives did. As a result, the outcome was devastating.

Recommend some form of support. The best option is for your addicted spouse is to make connections with an alcoholic recovery group or join a rehabilitation program.

Spiritual groups practicing routines of meditation and prayer are also options. The deep support and gentleness received by religious followers can be a dynamic source of power and strength.

Empower with Love

Love is a powerful antidote against all types of addiction. When you show a spouse or partner genuine love with criticism, you apply a power more potent than an atomic bomb. One of the reasons for alcoholism is the sense of meaninglessness in life. Therefore, many people may turn to alcohol to escape the ups and downs of everyday life which has become too overbearing. The more we pour love toward our addicted partners, the more we bring them to a sobering conclusion: That alcohol destroys everything, including personal life, workplace, household and the community.

Helping one person become alcohol free is a heroic accomplishment not only for the good of a marriage but also for the entire community.

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