What to Do When You Discover Your Spouse is Hooked on Illegal Drugs?


Illegal Drugs affect the lives of millions of people across America, destroying the quality of life, not only for them but also for the people close to them. The negative impact of drugs starts off small but the longer the individual takes them the more dependent on drugs he or she becomes until self-will is destroyed and the person is at the mercy of the addiction.

The addiction to drugs poses a long-term danger to whoever it has in its grip. For example, most of the people I knew that were heavily addicted to cocaine developed serious heart conditions that eventually took its toll on them later in life, even though the may have quit taking the drug several years earlier.

Why do people come addicted to drugs?

Origin of Addiction

A spouse may become addicted to drugs for several reasons, including a sense of emptiness in the relationship or the inability to manage the challenges involved in the union between two people, or the unwillingness to face the hardness of life itself. Whatever the reasons, drugs appear to offer an illusionary means for escaping the pain.


If something isn’t done about the problem, personal destruction become a real possibility.

alcoholic spouse

Relationships Complications

A spouse addicted to drugs is a terror to the relationship. He or she becomes indifferent to the simple things which make a marriage sustainable, such as communication, appreciation, support, intimacy, and romance.  An addiction can get so desperate in the relationship that high tension, angry altercations, and physical violence can suddenly erupt. The intense urge for drugs can supersede all human reason.

What to Do?

If you are in a relationship with a spouse addicted to drugs, you must realize that marriage is in a dangerous condition. You must not remain passive out of fear or sense of hopelessness that nothing can be done. if you want to avoid an explosive marriage, you must act without reservation. The situations will only deteriorate.

Demand a Talk

The resolution of any problem begins with a conversation. You must open a communication line with your spouse and express your concern. You must express how his or her addiction is making you feel and how the problem is tearing the relationship apart.

Confronting your spouse about the addiction should be done with gentleness and a willingness to listen for signs of a deeper problem.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to discover a deeper issue in the relationship. All you must do is to be willing to accept the real causes for your spouse’s behavior, even if you played a part in its origin.

Our Part in the Problem

We may not think we are part of the blame, but sometimes we must stop and think. We must examine our habits and routines and decide if they have been detrimental to our relationship. Maybe we have been pushing our partner too much, complaining about bills or putting too much pressure on him or her to perform up to our standards.

The truth is that we are all human. If we are pushed too far to be who we are not, we may find a way to cope with the pressure, a way that can destroy the quality of our lives.

Therefore, if we discover that we have played a significant part in pressuring our partner into drug addiction, we must adjust our behavior and give our spouses our optimal support. We must embrace them with love and understanding.

Seek Outside Help

A spouse with a serious drug addiction must be convinced he or she needs help with overcoming the addiction. You must be assertive when it comes to helping your spouse beat the drug problem. You must take a stand and demand rehabilitation treatment.

Get them to enroll in addiction fighting programs or join groups of people who determined to overcome their addiction. Such groups are designed to support and empower one another to beat their negative addiction habits.

What to do about the Resistant Spouse

Some spouse is so resistant to the idea of joining a rehabilitation program, that an ultimatum may have to be given to make them realize the destructiveness eh addiction is having on the marriage. Don’t be afraid to apply such profitable pressure.

The addicted spouse will have to make a choice as to whether his or her marriage is more important than sticking with the drug addiction.

Allow Disconnection, if necessary

Sometimes a separation may be needed to force understanding. If so, be willing to allow disconnection for the sake of eventually saving your marriage and saving the life of the one you love.

Even if the marriage ends, you have made the right choice. Living with a spouse addicted to drugs without addressing the issue is a recipe for disaster. The only way to prevent such an unfortunate event is to confront the addicted spouse.

Fight for your marriage. Addiction is a disease the affect millions of Americans daily. Homes are broken, children are forsaken, and well-being is destroyed. If your spouse is affected by drugs, you must play your part in stopping this disease.


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