What to Do When a Shameful Mistake becomes a Barrier to Your Success


Making a big mistake in front of people isn’t the end of the world. I remember accepting an invitation to speak before a group of people and freezing up. Even though I had prepared for the occasion materially, once I stepped up to the podium I lost my train of thought. I rambled through the entire speech with mostly incoherent language. At the end of the speech, I was too ashamed to greet anyone. I had let them down.

However, to avoid crawling into a corner and giving up on my public performances, I refused to let an experience of shame stop me.  Either I was going to be in charge or shame would take control of my life.  I performed repeatedly in front of several groups, making mistake after mistake until I no longer considered shame a factor in my performance.

Each time my confidence increased. I became more poised and competent in my deliveries, resulting in a powerful sense of speaking purpose and joyful intimacy with my audience.

Handling Shame and Moving On

Don’t let shameful mistakes become a barrier to success. Move on to greater things. Each step you take forward in the face of shame, the greater will your joy and influence grow. You become trustworthy and credible. People look forward to your ideas, direction, and leadership.



Tips for Overcoming Shame

Realize that You are Human and Subject to Mistakes

Stop comparing yourselves to others and recognize that mistakes are the stairway to greatness. The Isles of greatness is filled with stories of great people who used mistakes to become eternally edged in the memories of humanity.  Even though they made huge mistakes, the greatness which resulted from them overcoming the mistakes were enormous in helping humanity make significant strides in such things as knowledge, science, and technology.

Walk Straight through Your Shame to Ultimate Victory

Never succumb to the shame of your mistakes. No matter how embarrassing your mistake was in the face of the people surrounding you, you must not allow yourself to be backed into a corner and never heard from again.

Walk through shame, knowing that the outcome will be one of growing confidence, increased joy, and dynamic character.

You will become unstoppable.

No Success without Shame of Mistakes

If you are ashamed of making mistakes when moving toward your dream, you will never achieve any kind of success. Progress and mistakes go hand and hand. You must be wiling to make a rough impression before making a perfect presentation.  The acceptance of this fact is why I can speak comfortably in front of groups.

Millions of people forsake their dreams and refuse to develop their talents because they allow shame to become a barrier to their success. So, they settle for a low quality of life. Instead of becoming a person of initiative, they become passive victims of their shame.

What if Shame had Stopped Them?

Suppose all the great people we know had allowed shame to stop their progress. The world would have never experience electricity, telephones, automobiles or airplanes. All these people made huge mistakes and were criticized for their ideas. People thought they were crazy for what they were attempting to accomplish.

The bottom Line

Never be afraid to make mistakes in front of people. Facing the shame of our mistakes should be a joyful experience on the way to personal success. Enjoy the journey toward greatness and realize that the shame of mistakes is a constant companion.

However, you can recover from your mistakes, regardless of what occurred. Your mistakes may be related to your career or you may have made a mistake regarding ethics. Whatever the shame you must face, face it. this is the key to your ultimate fame.





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