The Power of Profitable Risk Taking and Well-Earned Success


What a small, scary and limited world it would be without profitable risktakers? United States Armed Forces, Law Enforcement officers, entrepreneurs, civil rights activist and ordinary people like you and I achieve well-earned success and greatness by taking profitable risks.

Profitable risk taking, and well-earned success maximizes the quality of every aspect of our lives, including our personal lives, home life, workplace, and community. Profitable risk taking qualifies you to be a role model and a hero for others who aspire to be great.

Do you have a risk-taking mentality? If not, you will most likely live a low quality of existence, struggling in ever aspect of life and barely making ends meet. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to mediocrity and low achievement in life. You can escape the traps that have interfered with your happiness and prosperity by moving out of your comfort zone into the newness of life.

Examine your life and determine the areas in which you need to take risks. You may have server areas. Here are a few:

Personal Life

  • Giving up the single life and choosing to marry and have children
  • The choice to let go of toxic friends and find new ones
  • A decision to go into public speaking despite the fear you have of standing in front of people
profitabel risk taking



  • Implementing a new system against the will of employees who want to hold on to the old way of doing things
  • Quit your job and start your own business
  • Ask your boss for a legitimate raise, with the willingness to produce evidence why you deserve it

Home Life

  • Disciplining your teenager son or daughter despite risking his or her affection for you as a parent
  • Confronting your spouse due to a habit of extravagant spending

School Life

  • Going back to school doing middle age
  • Confronting your professor regarding an unfair grade
  • Balancing work and school to provide a better life for your family


  • Running for a local office with minimum political skills but great ideas for improvement
  • Starting a neighborhood watch group to keep the environment safe and sound
  • Protesting gun violence and drug dealers in your neighborhood


The above are profitable risks that add value to life. Without taking these type of risks our lives will be small and limited. Living a quality lifestyle is about taking a calculated risk. A un calculated risk is an unprofitable risk, which promises us nothing in return.

Unprofitable Risks

  • Investing in the stocks of company destined to fail
  • Spending $100 dollars a week on lottery scratch off tickets
  • Placing hope in a marriage corrupted with constant infidelity

Millions of people spend their entire lives taking unprofitable risks, despite the sequence of continues failure. They never make it to the top of the mountains they aspire to climb. Because of their ignorance, the ladder of success crumbles underneath them.

Profitable risk taking is an opportunity to make it to the mountain top and thereby maximize the quality of our lives in every area. But if a risk doesn’t provide some type of value in life, it simply isn’t profitable and shouldn’t be taken.


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