A Brief on the State of Black Youth in America: Somebody Needs to Say It!

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Examining a race of people over time will give you many insights into its culture, especially regarding the type of progression or regression which has occurred. For example, the African American culture has experienced a drastic change over time, unfortunately for the worst.

In earlier days, a sense of togetherness and brotherly love were important aspects of black culture. African American walked together, talked together and struggled together for equal rights. We cared about each other as well as each other’s children.

A single child was raised and disciplined with a village-like mentality. Respect for elders was indicated by the word: Mr.

However, today the African American youth possess an enormous hatred toward the authority of every type:

The Household

In many African American, single parent homes, children have taken control of the household because parents just don’t know what to do. Many parents have tried every discipline technique, but nothing appears to work.

black youth

The Classroom

In the classroom, teachers across American feel exhausting after a day of challenges with mostly black children.  As a teacher, I can Identify with my fellow educators. Many of the major discipline problems in school involve black children, from Kindle garden to the High School.

The Community

In the community, the violence committed by black youth against themselves is an epidemic that threatens to destroy an entire generation.  For example, violence in Chicago among young African American youth is unprecedented. Hundreds dying in the streets year after year, with no end in sight.

Defiance for police officers and other forms of law in enforcement is rampant in black neighborhoods and communities.

If black youth continue such destructive course, the future of the black race in American is extremely dreadful. Can anything be done?

All things are possible. However, the solution isn’t outside the black community. The resolution of our problems starts with us. We, as a people, must awaken to the responsibility of creating our destiny. If we take the initiative there is a great hope, but if we wait for a hope outside of us, the future of black American will be devastation.

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