Literacy Laziness in the Black Community: Reading and Appreciating Books

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Literacy-laziness is the reluctance to see reading as a crucial avenue to success in all areas of life. After all, I quality lifestyle depends on one’s ability to prosper and to prosper in every area of life depends on the ability to read and acquire knowledge.

Literacy-laziness run rampant in the African American community. The value of reading books is not a subject readily talked about among black Americans. Instead, as an African American teacher,  I find that many black yourth prefer watching videos over reading books.

However, Literacy-laziness isn’t necessarily illiteracy. It is the unwillingness to pick up books and follow a lifestyle of reading. But with all can agree, with a few of exceptions that may be due to some specific skills or talents, that highly successful people make reading a lifestyle.

Origin of Literacy-Laziness

One of the reasons for the lack of reading appreciation in the black community maybe due to weak reading skills. According to Mercury News, 75% of African American boys living in California don’t meet state reading standards.”

Inability to see the value in reading. Many young African American view reading as a boring activity, especially in homes in which books are as scarce.

Another reason for Literacy-laziness is the present of debilitating conditions within the community itself. Widespread crime, drug dealing, and poverty interfere with reading motivation. However, countless case studies exist of people acquiring success in the harshest of conditions.

Therefore, reading and acquiring knowledge is the key to overcoming poverty and all sorts of outside conditions. In fact, this will be the only way to overcome a meager existence.

Consequences of Literacy-Laziness

The lack of reading readiness is devastating for the black community. Young African Americans must know how to read if the next generation is going to add value the culture. Without the ability to acquire the knowledge needed to build successful communities and to progress economically, the future of black Americans appears quite bleak.

Our progress as a race will be severely crippled without the ability to read on an equal level of as our white counterparts. Both old and young must become aware of the significant role black Americans will play in enhancing the opportunities of black people.

Reading and appreciation books isn’t an option. It is a must if progress is going to be made. Otherwise, the race will be left behind in all forms of literacy, including technology. An awareness of intellectual destruction must be emphasized in the black community.



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