Is Dominance a Positive or Negative Human Quality?


Dominance in any endeavor means to take absolute responsibility for resolving issues and effectively performing duties and tasks.

The advantages of being dominant are that you no longer must bow down to anyone else’s authority because you are the authority. No longer do you have to wait for instruction or for someone else to call the shots.

A dominant person takes the initiative to start projects and programs because he or she is not afraid of failure and the shame and embarrassment that comes with falling shot of achieving a goal. People who are dominant use failure as a stepping stone to greater success.

Corrupted Dominance

Although a dominant person can make his own decisions, he must not use his dominance toward negative tendencies, including bullying others or taking advantages of other weaknesses. People who use their dominance to harm others become corrupted and are really cowards.

Perception of Dominance

The concept of dominance maybe perceived different by different people. Some of the characteristics of a dominant person include:

  • Giving directions and instructions
  • Administering discipline
  • Making decision for the whole
  • Making rules and regulation
  • Displaying physical, mental or emotional strength
  • Displaying superior size and shape
  • Knowledge and experience superiority

People who express the above dynamics are shown various degrees of dominance to fulfill duties and responsibilities.

You can find dominant people in every area of society, people who you see every day, starting with ourselves.

Personal life

Positive dominance can start with you and me at this exact moment. For example, you have the power to make positive decision to improve your quality of life. You may be in a situation or condition which has caused you great struggle throughout your life, but you have always been too timid to do something about it.

But right now, you can become the dominant person in your life. All you must do is decide you are fed up with the meager quality of life you are experience and make a quality decision to come out shinning like silver and gold.

Your Home Life

In the home life, the father or mother is the dominant people. They make the decisions in terms of rules and regulations for daily routines and habits. Depending on the nature of the couple, the man is usually the more dominant when it comes to physical strength and the woman is more dominant when it comes to emotional strength.

Because women can multi-task more effectively then men, mental strength is a gifted attribute that women have over men.

Your Workplace

In the workplace, the boss, manager or supervisor is the dominant person. Employees are trained, instructed and giving directions on completing various job duties. The very presence of our bosses sometimes intimidates us because they have the power to make our lives miserable, via reprimanding us for careless mistakes and terminating us for insubordination.

In the classroom

The teachers are the dominant people in the classrooms. They set the rules and regulations for all students and use a constant habit of redirection to keep students on task.

If teachers wouldn’t use their dominance to keep students on task and focused the entire class would experience a constant state of chaos and negative change.

Dominance in the classroom must not be fought for. Students must recognize who is dominant from the first day of class until the end of the school year.

You Community

Police officers, clergy, and local leaders are the dominant force in the community. They make sure that we have safe and sound. Although they cannot stop criminal behavior always, our society would be far worse if the above leaders were not in charge.

A community without positive dominant people will result in negative dominant people running the show and putting people lives in danger.

God Dominance

If you are religious, you see God as the dominant figure in society or even in the entire world. As the creator, God does possess knowledge that we can only dream of. He can also intervene in human affairs and bring about a massive change in the world.

Worshiping and praising God is a form of acknowledging the dominance of God in our daily lives and in all human affairs.

Therefore, true dominance comes from God. We must acknowledge the dominance in which we exercise within us. It is not our own. If we start recognizing dominance as our own, without giving God the honor, we set ourselves up for massive failure and disappointment.

Is Dominance Positive or Negative?

Dominance can be positive or negative, depending on the intentions of those who are using it. If they intentions or good, then dominance will create a positive vibe without their lives. However, if people want to use dominance to take things away and bully others, then these people never new true dominance.


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