Building the Confidence that Will Make You the Life of the Party


Confidence is everything in business and in life. Without a powerful sense of confidence about yourself and the profession you have chosen in life, you will always be at the bottom of the success ladder. Low confidence people never become the head. Instead, because of their low opinion of themselves, you will always find them at the tail end of their endeavor.

Recognition and reward come to the confident.

When you are confident, people admire you because it is something about your personality that makes people feel good in your presence and inspired by your words and actions.  All you must do is look at your most famous song artist. If you ever see them on TV or if you attend their concerts, you know without a doubt that their charisma and performance electrify the entire audience.

The qualities of a confident individual include:

  • Passion
  • Conviction
  • charisma
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Perfect execution
  • Elevated communication

A confident individual never lives a life of mediocre. Her heart and mind are always geared toward reaching the highest pinnacles. The value such people create is priceless.

  • In his or her personal life, a person of confidence becomes one of the best in the industry
  • In the home, confident parents produce and raise confident children
  • In the workplace, leaders build highly confident teams
  • In the community, people of initiative take charge of improving conditions for the whole

A person of confidence inspires others to be the best they can be. We can all agree, that children want to grow up and imitate highly successful athletes they admire, including famous basketball, football, and baseball players.

Building great confidence can be a long-term project, especially if you have been one of those shy individuals who, for the most part of life, have allowed everyone else to go ahead of you. Nevertheless, whether you are 12 years old or 85, you can still build that confidence that adds excellent value to yourself, others and society.

Here is what you must do to build great confidence.

Avoid hanging around negative people. Those who refuse to let go of negative talking friends and acquaintance break out of the trap. Since there mind is filled with negative vibrations from personal others, people who desire to build their confidence never do.

Avoid going into a cocoon after failure, setbacks and let downs. People who stop or hide themselves from the pain of failure never experience the freedom of joy, happiness, and success. Highly confident people have had their full share of falling on the faces. But instead of staying down their feeling sorry for themselves, they get back up even stronger in character and personality.


Avoid settling for mediocre at all cost. Life was meant to expand and become something more powerful than you and I can ever imagine. People who settle for mediocre will be the ones serving those who are not satisfied unless they are making significant achievement in things which benefit themselves and society.

Be courageous! Go against your most fearsome fears and overcome them. This is the secret to winning inner freedom and experience unquenchable joy in life. Our fears linger within our being and rob us of our dreams and drain us of our energy.

For years, I allowed fear of ridicule and embarrassment hold me back for achieving the goals and dreams I had set for myself. Even my college years wasn’t that grand due to the amount of fear that had gripped me every since my childhood.

However, after examining my life and all the wonderful things I had missed out on, I determined that, for the remainder of my life, I would go for the goals I had set for myself, regardless of the consequences.

I decided that shame and embarrassment were no longer going to have dominion over the pursuit of my happiness. That’s when I started to live the life that I wished I had lived long ago in my early youth. Nevertheless, my confidence shot to the roof and I became the person I was meant to be, earning recognition and rewards wherever I went.

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