When you wish to buy a chair for your living room or bedroom or office, what all factors do you consider? You check for the price tag, quality, comfort, brand and type of chair etc. But when it comes to choosing a spouse, some people say that love is the most important aka primary factor! How true it that? If while buying a chair (which can be replaced anytime) there are numerous factors to consider then while taking the most important decision of your life, how can just one factor be enough? This post is to talk about all those certain requirements which a perfect partner should have. You can call them shadow priorities because these are the ones for which you are less conscious but are always present on the back of your mind.

  1. Trust: He loves you, but always lies about his whereabouts and routines! Trust is one of the other factors that need to be there. You can’t build a strong relationship if your partner is not trustworthy. Trust brings respect and helps in building a strong foundation.
  2. Chemistry: It is not necessary that you and your partner should be similar! Opposites do attract but there needs to be something which can be termed as complementarity which means that it is necessary to complement each other by providing strengths and enhancements wherever required. This help in striking a happy balance between the couple.
  3. Family standards: It is a told advice that you not only marry a guy, you marry his whole family! Thus it is necessary to see that the standard of living of his family is similar to yours as otherwise it might be difficult to catch-up. If they have a high standard of living, they might not accept you happily and vice versa. Although it is ok if the standard doesn’t match as the bride and groom work towards making things work but it should not be completely off the mark.
  4. Respect: Would you be able to spend your whole life with someone who doesn’t respect you and your goals? Two people can build a healthy relation only if they respect emotions of each other. Love is at one side and respect is at other; abundance of love with no respect is of no benefit.
  5. Understanding: May be a synonym of chemistry, but it is significant to build understanding so that you know your spouse and chalk things out in a better way. Love is all about understanding each other’s strengths and flaws and accepting them with innocence. Nobody is perfect but finding perfections in imperfections is what an ideal couple do!

Look and money are the other parameters which definitely play an important role but looks fade out and money can be lost! These are not the ones which stay! The ones which stay are different forms of love. You can say that love is like roots of the tree, it would nourish your relationship with braches of understanding, chemistry and feelings like this only if love is there.


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