If you read each and every word in this title, it actually focuses on ‘staying in abusive relationship’ and when many people hear about someone in abusive relationship, their first question is “Why don’t they split?” No offences attached, but if you have never been into abusive relationship then you might not understand why it is not as simple as “just leaving”! It is neither easy to survive in this relationship nor to leave it and it gets worse because of the negative implications! Here are the cons of staying in abusive relationships!

  1. Destroys your self-esteem: When you are being abused by other person at all the times, you start feeling worthless about yourself! It destroys your self-esteem and you think there is no option which is left for you. It makes it just impossible for you to start fresh as you are being told every single day that you are good for nothing! And there is a saying that ‘person eventually becomes the one, he/she listens to everyday!” You just tend to lose your true self and it is not easy to regain this self-confidence.
  2. Impacts your performance: If you are working then this abusive environment at home actually influences your performance. You might face pitfalls in your career as it is not abnormal to have a heavy and occupied mind set every time. It reduces your concentration and thus impacts your work. You might hurt yourself while driving and travelling as it just steals away your mental peace.
  3. Impact on children: Children become the ‘passive’ or ‘secondary’ victims of the abusive environment. It can make them submissive and introvert or can make them extremely violent. It certainly doesn’t bring out the best in them and kills their innocence and happiness. It affects their personality as they don’t need to be direct target of the abuse to be scarred by it!
  4. Steals your happiness: You just accept this abusive relationship as your fate and become depressed, disoriented, confused and start believing on everything that your abusive partner believes to be true. It replaces your old identity with a new one which is definitely not merry and cheerful. You are worthless; you can be never be a good mom; you are ugly and remarks like these deprive you of your inner peace and confidence.
  5. Friendship with isolation: All you need is isolation by staying away from your friends and other family members. You don’t want anyone to know what is going on in your lives, ypu don’t want them to point at you for choosing a wrong partner and also you don’t want your feeling of shame and guilt to grow! All these factors take you to the extreme depression mode.
  6. Health repercussions: This mental pressure can certainly impact your health badly and increases the probability of having a nervous breakdown. It reduces your ability to function in normal day to day life after being traumatized by overwhelming anxiety, depression and stress. Thus can lead to serious health consequences.

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