When we are child, getting beautifully dressed in wedding attire and walking down the aisle is a fantasy. But as we grow up we realize that there are lot of responsibilities attached to this fantasy and the surroundings around may develop a thought of staying single.  This is the most debatable question of all times whether you should stay single or should get hitched and married. The choice is personal and nobody should influence your decision apart from YOU! But before you proceed in this post, make sure you keep this point in mind that nothing is wrong and it’s not a contest! Both situations are correct, it’s just that not both of them work for everybody! Deciding to stay single all your life is certainly not a small thing and thus it is significant that you put thought into it and take your decision timely!

How do you envision your life with a partner?

Do you want to grow old with your partner; share smiles, laughs, grieves and sorrows? Or do you want your home to be empty when you return after a hectic day and enjoy some personal time with your pets, watching movies, ordering food and just relaxing in your couch while watching your favourite series? It is certainly difficult to answer as you might not want to do the latter always but what is your priority is something you need to decide. Would you like to assume responsibilities of your family or do you consider them a burden rather?

Are you a family oriented person?

Do you like to stay in a closed family space sharing meals, designing home, taking mutual decisions and helping your kids with their homework etc.? Or are you more isolated and introvert personality who doesn’t want to interact with others and lead alone and fulfilling life. Do you cherish the time you spent in your committed relationship and want to have similar experiences for your entire life? Or you are of the opinion that you are better alone and emotional attachment is not your game at all!

On what scale, happiness of others matter to you?

Marriage is a connection of two loving souls which means that happiness of one is happiness of other! Do you think you are among those who can do anything for your partner’s happiness? How did/do you feel about your romantic relations you have/had in past? Do you feel happy about it and if you have ended it, how did you feel when it was ended? Did you feel relieved or did you actually read posts of recovering from a situation after break-up?

So answer these questions to yourself and you would be able to make a decision for yourself. But always remember that neither staying single nor getting married provides you a guarantee of happiness. Marriage is risky and if it doesn’t work you end up getting divorced which comes at emotional and financial cost. On the other hand, staying single can lead you into depression as you won’t have anyone to speak to and build an emotional connection.

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