The well told old adage definitely says first impression is the last impression but ideally the worth of the person should not be based just on first impression! First impression definitely makes a difference and you get it only once and may be this is the reason that during personal relationships and business meetings, we are always taught that people can form opinion in just few minutes and thus is really significant to present your best at all times! This is true to an extent as your intuitions and guts actually create an impression of that person and it definitely takes time to regain the footing if you blow at first impression. For instance, your first impression really counts on your first date, interview, audition etc.!

On one hand we say ‘first impression always lasts’ and on other hand we say ‘never judge a book by its cover’, funny and strange, isn’t it! So what should a layman do? Is putting effort and energy in creating first impression really worth or is it wildly limiting and should not be given too much importance? This post is to provide you both the sentiments!

First impressions and fairly accurate and it is believed that the assessments made in the first meeting actually are true because they are the judgments of our own intuitive minds! Focus on the word ‘fairly accurate’ but not ‘fully accurate’! But the question is would you know if you will be rewarded with second chance? The answer is No! You might never get a call from that company if you messed with your first impression in an interview; the girl you went on first blind date might never call you again; and the movie for which you gave audition might be signed by someone else! So it is not wrong to say that first impression is really important as you might not get second chance!

But if you are on the other side of the coin and are judging someone purely on the basis of first impression then there are chances that you might miss on many things! If you evaluate a person only on the basis of first impression then it means that somewhere you are incapable of evaluating new evidences and implications for the same can be frightening. This is because many a times they are just wrong and you can never judge a strong personality by just one meeting!


You should always put efforts in making your first impression as the best one because people do judge you on the basis of it! You might get second chance at times but you can’t really risk the opportunity in hand. It might not be ideal to form an impression only after first meeting and as an individual you should never do so! But the person judging you might not have read this post and can still continue to rely on his instincts. So just be yourself, rely on your immediate judgements but don’t depend upon them completely!

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