Finding New Customers- 5 Special Places to Place Business Cards


Martha discovered the business cards in the corner of a file cabinet while cleaning out the old office furniture. She hadn’t used them in years, even though she had met many prospects interested in her natural healthcare niche.

A friend of hers had made a killing running a bakery business just by distributing cards to the people in the neighborhood, even though distributing cards was an old traditional way of marketing.

Maybe this would be an appropriate time to update her business cards, redesign them, and distribute them on her scheduled visitations and appointments to places she frequented. You never know, she thought, who might discover her cards and become a major customer.

The Advantage of Business Cards

Although the distribution of business cards may belong to the old method of advertising or promoting a business, those who still use them do have a slight advantage over those who don’t. After all, the goal is to make sales and increase customer bases.

The key to success is to place business cards in special places where unsuspected people can discover them. The opportunities to reach customers can be very creative. For example, you can place business cards in the following locations:


Even in a digital age, books are still important and always well. Books are everywhere in the library, bookstore, and in the workplace. Promote your business by simply sliding one of your business cards in the center of a book. You never know who will book it up and discover your business cards wedged between the pages.

business cards

Park Benches

People love to come to the park on sweltering summer days or just spend a little time alone. Seeing your business card on the bench or park table may be the experience they were waiting for. I have found many interesting things on park tables and benches, from brochures to magazines.

Movies Theaters

You would think to place a business card in a movie theater by the concession stand. That’s exactly what clever small business owner, like myself, will do.  Look for other places to place a card, such as in the bathroom or on the table in the game room part of the theater, if the opportunity permits.

Doctor’s Offices

Remember waiting in the doctors or dentist’s office for your appointment to take place. In most offices, the little small tables hold magazines regarding sports, fashion, and car etc. All you must do is place one of your business cards on the table or inside a magazine so that it can fall out and get the attention of the reader.

Public transportation

If you ride a city bus or take a public train across town, why not place one of your business cards in the seat next to you and one in the back of you. All sorts of people frequent public transportation every day, even professional people who may be interested in what you have to offer to the public.

The number of business cards you pass out in a day can make the difference between increase sales and lack of leads. Therefore, it is necessary for a business owner to use every possible means to reach customers.

Where to Get Business Cards

If you need business cards made at a reasonable price, you should visit an office supply retail store such as Office Max or Office Deport. Recently, both stores have merged together to provide a gigantic array of products and services for business minded consumers.

You can either design you own business cards and get them printed at Office Max or you can choose from a wide variety of cards and designs available.

The good thing about distributing business cards is that you can place them in unusual places that most people wouldn’t think of finding business cards. And your cards just may be in the right place at the right time.


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