Extraordinary Contest for Aspiring Writers


The ability to express ourselves in writing is one of the greatest gifts of communication. Through writing, an author can share his deepest opinion, persuade his harshest critic and move an entire nation to action. Fortunately, aspiring writers have an opportunity to further develop their gifts and talent by participating in various writing contest across the country. Here is a list of available writing contest for scholarships.

Rand Institute: Anthem Essay Contest


Amount: $30-$2000

Awards are offered to high school students who show a deep ability to interpret Ayn Rand’s writings, novelettes in particular. Student essays must demonstrate this understanding. To qualify for the contest, students must intend to enroll in a university, either full or part-time. In addition students must show an interest in writing.

Author Services, Inc

  1. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest


Amount: $500-$5000

This award is for students interested in writing scientific short stories and novelettes. Students must be undergraduates enrolled in a two-year or four year institution. Interesting students must be committed amateurs who have an insatiable appetite for writing.

Diet-Live Poets Society

National High School Poetry Contest


Amount: $100-$1000

This award is offered to students who desire to pursue a career in literature, especially poetry. The award gives poetry students an opportunity to develop and share their poetry with others. Students must be an American citizen with intentions of enrolling in a four year institution. This contest is continuous.

Diversity City Media

Blacknews.com Scholarship Essay Contest


Amount: $500 renewable

Student must be African American and enrolled in a four year college, either full time or part-time. Student also must be a U.S. citizen with a keen interest in writing. Recipients may be undergraduates at any level.

Penguin Putman Inc.

Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest


Amount: $1000

Award is for high school students intended to enroll in a four year university, either full or part-time. Students must choose among a list of suggested novels and provide a three page as well as double-page essay on some aspect of the selected novel. The in-depth quality of the essay will determine the student’s interest in writing. Prospects must be U.S citizens.

The Lincoln Forum

Platt Family Scholarship Prize Essay Contest


Amount: $250-$1000

Scholarship is for students who are expecting to enroll full-time at a two-year of four year institution. Regardless of undergraduate level, student must have a keen interest in writing


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