What is Black Mail and How Can It Affect You?


Being Blackmailed by someone or blackmailing yourself can ruin your life forever.  When an individual is blackmailed he or she is trapped in a trap that continues to tighten each day. The quality of life declines into multiple lies and ongoing deceptions to keep things secret.

Blackmailing is the power to manipulate and gain as much value from the secret as possible.

An individual can be blackmailed for almost any major crime. Some of the most common reasons are cheating, fraud or some serious crime such as manslaughter.


Many people who have been caught cheating on their spouse have gotten blacked mail by the person who caught them. Millions of dollars have been surrendered to black mailers just to keep them quiet about the matter.


A person can get blacked mailed due to some fraud committed by a company or toward customers who trust in your product or service. For instance, if you promise your customers a high-quality product but really the item is poorly constructed, you will be committed fraud.

Secret Violence

Serious crimes such as shooting someone hit and run driving and being party to a secret drug overdose can all lead to being black mail.


Scary Impact of Being Found Out

Whatever secret thing that you are doing can lead to long term blackmail, resulting in a multitude of anxiety and fear of being found out.  Massive complications can be devastating in every aspect of your life including:


Your relationships with family members can be strained and artificial when you are being black mailed by someone who can spill the beans on your secret lifestyle. You may be forced to lie to your spouse, children or parents constantly.


A black mailer can demand your whole paycheck or clean out your bank account. Many people continue to get paid off because they have a disruptive secret on someone.

Being forced to give your hard-earned money to cunning business buddies who know of your fraudulent dealings, call girls who have threatened to tell your wife, or a witness that saw you severely injure or kill someone in a hit-n-run can demand massive amounts of money from you for many years.


If you are being blacked mail, you can be sure that your focus and productivity on the job will not be optimal. Your mind will be on the frightening possibility of being made known to bosses and co-workers who trust in your integrity.

Every whisper your co-workers engage in or every smirk on their faces will give you a sense of suspicion that your secret is out in the open.


What keeps you up at night? If you are caught up in a blackmail scandal you will most likely experience many illnesses due to lack of sleep, worry, and anxiety. Studies prove that fear can literally damage your heart’s function.

High blood pressure, headaches, and other unexplainable illnesses will torment your mind and body until you submit to medications, alcohol or drugs to dull the inward and outward pain.

Lack of Community

Those who are trapped in blackmail hide from the crowd. They attempt to be as secret as possible is the norm. They would rather stay locked up in the four walls of their shelters rather than stand the chance of being seen and revealed.

Because of hiding, their lives become a living hell of loneliness and dread of neighbors and strangers that might know what is going on.

What to Do to Escape Blackmail?

Initially escaping from blackmail can be a daunting challenge, and if approached the wrong way, could result in overwhelming shame and embarrassment which could last a life time.

Things You’ll Need to Make the Move toward Freedom:

  • Acknowledgement
  • realization
  • Courage
  • Decision-making

First acknowledge that you are responsible for getting caught in the blackmail trap. You made the wrong choice and was found out.  No one forced you against your will.

Realize what could happen when you make the truth known about your secret. Your life can change drastically. You could lose your spouse, your children or your freedom for a while. The freedom from inward bondage is worth the loss of all the above.

Build your courage against the fears and dread that has kept you in bondage to your blackmailer for many years. Because of this inward bondage, your life has been a living hell on earth. Many of your best years have been destroyed due to fear of being made known. But now you are willing to embrace the moment of truth.

Make the decision. Share your secret with the right people, as many of them as possible, even though you may be scared as hell. But tell them anyway. The worst, in terms of inward and outward bondage, will be over soon.

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Welcome Your New-Found Freedom

Take a deep breath. Freedom! Although you may find yourself starting your life all over again. You feel a sense of freedom and strange delight that you have delivered yourself from the living hell that held you captive.

Learn from your mistakes, forgiving yourself for causing harm to others as well as your own quality of life and affairs. But now you are strong. You can rise again, in a way that serves humanity.

Coming out of blackmail is challenging. Remember a blackmailer can be your own secret guilt, eating away at you one day at a time.

Nevertheless, the best thing is to never get yourself in a position to fall into that trap. Make the right decisions. Think about the consequences, not only to you but to your family, including your spouse, your children, parents, and friends who need you to make inspiring and honorable choices in life. Keep your freedom, joy, and peace.




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