Cheating Husbands: A Sobering Warning for Codependent Women


The evidence is clear. Something is wrong with your man. There was a time when you could barely pass one another without touching. Now such affectionate behavior no longer exists in the habits and routines of your daily lives.

Don’t ignore this! Many naive women believe that if they remain silent in the presence of such condition, the suspicious behavior will magically Disappear. Don’t be fooled by such hope. Usually, a cheating husband becomes bolder in his cheating habits, until one day he suddenly shocks you by what he says and does.

I dear friend of mind felled into a co-dependent trap by being silent while her husband painted the town with infidelity. She thought she could change him by being overly kind. However, she was shocked when he mentioned sleeping with her and other women at the same time.

However, although she wasn’t agreeable with the treacherous idea, she still wanted to live and sleep with him, even though she knew that every time he stepped out alone on weekends or every time he stayed out all night, that he was sleeping with another woman.

Nevertheless, it took the death of a child to finally convince her that the relationship was damaged to the point of no return.

Reasons for Disloyalty

A cheating husband can become disloyal for several of the following reasons: a decline in peculiarity in the relationship, an intensified professional with the opposite sex, (usually job related: company trips, co-ed projects), lack of mutual growth, personal and profession, and low self-esteem

cheating husband

Decline in Peculiarity

When couples first meet, there is an air of sweet peculiarity which each seeks to unravel. The feelings of affectation and love are so pervasive that couples can hardly stand to be away from each other. The mind, heart, and soul are connected.

However, after the mystery of a love relationship is gone, the peculiarity also leaves as well. People become common. That is the reason studies encourage to constantly pursue progressiveness within the marriage. Never let the habits and routines of marriage life become old and stale.

By doing new things and revealing a different aspect of themselves, couples experience a sense of newness in the marriage on a constant basis.

Intensified relationships with opposite Sex

Infidelity can occur when the personal and workplace or professional life become intertwined.  For example, spending too much personal time with the opposite can trigger temptations to sleep together, especially if there is a hint of attraction in the air.

Many professional business men become cheating husbands while on business trips with the opposite sex. On such trips, emotions can get involved, especially when the two-work exceptional well together, achieving success in deals, investments, and contracts. Emotions and feelings are open to strong suggestions.

Lack of Mutual Growth

Another reason a husband may cheat is that he feels that he has outgrown you. He feels that you are not exciting enough. For example, when a marriage is not exciting anymore, chances are that mutual growth has been ignored. One partner grows beyond the need or desire for the other person.

Because the other person has stopped growing, she has stopped being exciting to be with. However, a marriage should be an ever-progressive institution.

Once marriage, couples must continue to grow both personally and professionally. Such is the key to keeping a marriage interesting.

Low Self-Esteem

A cheating husband does what he does mainly due to low self-esteem. Constantly sleeping with women who are not his wife indicates that he feels that such activity will make him feel better about himself. He may feel like a conqueror after the affair, but he will soon fall back into a state of powerlessness when it comes to relating maturely to women.

The above is only a few of many reasons cheating husbands are on a rampage today. Why men cheat is as complex as why women cheat.  Nevertheless, being able to recognize the signs of cheating will allow us to confront the situation head on.

Cheating Husbands: The Signs are Clear

The signs of a cheating husband are clear. Most likely your will witness some of the following signs that will verify your suspicions. There will be a lack of:

  • Energy and excitement about the marriage
  • Comradery in when it comes to doing things together
  • Random Affection while at home or in public
  • Intimacy for prolonged periods of time, or cold love
  • Appreciation and compliments for the small favors noticed or done

Other Common signs that could indicate a cheating husband:

  • The unfamiliar smell of perfume or cologne on clothing or body
  • A sudden need to go out on the town in sharp clothing, alone
  • Unexplained explained phone calls at the wrong time
  • The need to step away to make a phone call for an unclear reason
  • Indifferent to your conversations, activities, and ideas

One or two of the above signs may not indicate that a cheating husband is on the scene. However, the more of these signs become obvious, the most likely you have a husband that is playing the romantic field with a woman that is not his wife.

Confronting Cheating Husbands

Cheating husbands must be confronted, especially if an unwilling woman desire to move out of the co-dependency state of existence. Life is short, and you deserve more than wasting your life waiting for a cheating husband to change.

But change will only come when you decide to drastically shake up things. Challenging your co-dependency will take acknowledgement, courage, decision-making.

Acknowledge that you are responsible for allowing yourself to be used. No one forced you to continue to hope for something that was long gone. Self-reflection is the key to change and starting new.

Confront your cheating husband, not with anger but with respect. Ask him when it will be an appropriate time to take about something that has been heavy on your mind. Yelling, fighting, and throwing things across the room is counterproductive and could lead to violence.

cheating husbands

Share what you believe to be going on. Comment on the toxic behavior and how it is negatively affecting your lives and affairs. Don’t be afraid to let him know that it has been painful avoiding the situation instead of discussion it earlier.

Explain to him that you are unwilling to endure the state of the relationship anymore. Let him know that you are willing to go separate ways.

Listen to what he has to he has to say, although you may have already determined that the relationship must end. By listening to him, you may have some suggestion as far as directing him toward the help he needs to find his honor and integrity as a man of loyalty.

Agree on a decision. Usually, in this case, 80% of talks confronting cheating end up in separation and eventual divorce.  However, some couples do agree to forgive and begin the long road to building trust and loyalty, again. Maybe this is you.

The Bottom Line on Cheating Husbands

Staying up late at night, waiting for your man, and holding conversations with yourself isn’t the life that your created meant for you. A marriage should be full of appreciation, affection, support, and progressiveness, uncovering new layers of peculiarity in one another.

Cheating husbands make this such wonderful scenario an unfulfilled hope and impossible dream. Co-dependent women must understand that a stern resolution must be made without reservation if a life of any quality is to be redeemed.






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