Developing a reputation for outgoingness is the prerequisite for leadership. Outgoingness is the courage and passion to separate one’s self from the crowd in the pursuit of a dream. Whether you are taking the role of CEO in a fortune 500 hundred company or embracing the role of entrepreneur of a new brand, you must be outgoing or your hope is in vain.

The passion to rise above the crowd and reach for the stars is the mark of a person who charges out in the world and makes a great difference in the lives of many people, creating grand initiatives, establishing direction and order and empowering others, regardless of race, culture, or nationality.

Donald Trump, Barak Obama, Opal Winfrey and the like are all examples of outgoing individuals who became super popular. Anybody who has ever done anything great to influence a great body of people possessed the quality of outgoingness.  None of the above individuals would have never amounted to greatness just by staying in the background or hidden in a corner.  Great leaders are outgoing.

The attitude for outgoingness must be a reality if you intend to develop a reputation for leadership greatness in your industry. Taking a passive stance and waiting for something good to happen or for somebody else to take the initiative is just an illusion that will eventually lead to frustration and continual despair with life.

Characteristics of Outgoingness

Attitude-you attitude toward yourself and others will determine your capability for leadership in your field. You must believe in yourself, appreciate your abilities, and believe that God put you on earth to make a difference in the lives of others.


However, if you don’t’ appreciate who you are, no one else will. People will see your weakness and refuse to follow you. People will follow strong, confident leaders who know where they are going and understand what they want to accomplish in life.

Hunger-as a developing leader you must have an insatiable hunger to discover the needs and wants of your target audience, and deliver. Outgoing individuals with the intent of becoming great look beyond themselves toward the problems of others.

Fulfilling the needs and wants of others makes life worth living. Therefore, such people are always watching out for issues that may arise in the community or environment. The hunger to help others resolve their problems keeps them very observant of what’s going on around them.

Drawing the line-an outgoing person draw the line on what he or she will allow to go on in his or her circle of influence. For example, if outgoing people see their neighborhoods are about to be taken over by crime, they will not hesitate to take a stand against it.

They will enlist others to help stand with them against such infestations, forming crime preventions groups such as neighborhood watches, guardian angers, and citizen patrols.

Developing Outgoingness

The Danger Zone

To become an outgoing individual you must not be afraid to enter the danger zone. When an individual decides to enter the danger zone he or she has also decided to leave their comfort zone.  In the danger zone you are always on edge. Fear and rejection from others will be a constant reminder that you are in the danger zone.

However, as you become accustom to stepping outside of your comfort zone, you will experience the danger zone less and less. You will be automatic in your outgoingness.

What makes stepping into the danger zone so valuable is that you become a new person each time you do it. The old you no longer exist because of the transformation from fear to confidence. The old you was void of self-esteem, so it exists. But now, after entering the danger zone, you have giving yourself an inner promotion. You have changed.

In the danger zone, you lose your fears. Energy increases. Confidence increases. Outgoingness increases.

The Move toward Leadership

Outgoingness is for every individual who desire to become highly successful in life. If you are content with mediocrity or a 9 to 5 job, then continue to be happy with that. However, if you desire to be a positive force in the lives of others, you must make your move toward leadership.  You alone must be willing to lead the way.

The qualities of an outgoing individual includes self-confidence, enthusiasm, social awareness and engagement, and solution oriented. He or she monitors their environment for emerging needs and wants.

Knowledge Awareness

Outgoing people are always aware of the latest news and happenings. They are avid readers of ground breaking information regarding their industry.

In addition, outgoing people attend events and functions to acquire current knowledge and just mingle with other successful people in their industry. They attend conferences, trade shows, seminars, and other significant gatherings to see what knowledge, skills and new technology have arrived upon the scene.


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