Developing a Reputation for Dedication


When you are dedicated you achieve your dreams without allowing distractions or complacency to get in your way. Obstacles of fear and weakness are not strong enough to stop you. Instead, you laugh at such empty threats. Because you see the dream within you mind, your purpose is to keep your eyes on the prize until it is made visible in your reality.

However, the lack of dedication can destroy your hopes for achieving the things in life that make your time on earth worth living. People who stagger on dedication has allowed discouragement to crack their resolve. Sometimes this is unavoidable, especially when eternities beyond your control are to blame, such as natural disasters or a death of a love one.

Turning Negatives into Positives

Nevertheless, the most dedicated individuals immediately turn negatives into positives inserting meaning into a crisis. For example, they may dedicate the achievement to the mother or father that passed away or the small town that got hit and destroyed by a tornado.

Dedicated people don’t quit. They use whatever tragedy to move forward. The reward is the accomplishment of their dreams for themselves and others.

Dedication to your dream provides several advantages:

Increases confidence-when you achieve your dream your confidence grows by leaps and bounds. The more goals you set and accomplish, the greater your confidence will expand to take on new and exciting challenges.


Symbol of Empowerment-dedicated people who achieve their dreams end up being role models for people who have been watching them all along. Whether we know it or not, there are always people watching us to see what becomes of our lives.

Therefore, we must present the best example of greatness that we can ever think of. Everyday must be a day we dedicate to excellence. As a result, we will empower others to overcome discouragement and pursue their dream with the dedication to win.

Increased Quality of life-people who dedicate themselves to achieving their goals and dreams get to enjoy the finer things in life. Because some things require courage to achieve, the greatest achievers are those who live outside of their comfort zone.

For example, if we look at our most celebrated stars in the music and entertainment business, they appear to be living in paradise.

However, it was massive dedication to the mastery of their raw talents and skills that got them to the heights they now enjoy.  Such famous song artist as Adella, Elton John, and Beyoncé and sports icon such as Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and James Harden didn’t get to such glory by lack of dedication to excellence.

Taking on new responsibilities

Dedication to excellence should be a priority when we take on new responsibility. Our goal is mastery of the knowledge and skills to do outstanding work.  Highly responsibility people rise to the top because they can’t stand just doing their job good enough to get by. They are hungry to be the best in whatever responsibilities that are assigned to them. Employers love them and reward them continuously.

Mindset of Dedication

The dedicated individual is not just dedicated to an assignment or a responsibility given them, such people are committed to expression excellence in every area of their lives at all times. A mindset of dedication is what a person needs to be successfully life.

A lazy minded person who desire to get something for little of nothing will live an extremely frustrate life and will regret missing out on so many opportunities to achieve wonderful things.

Dedication: A Lifestyle

Allow dedication to become a part of your lifestyle. Without it you will undoubtedly settle for mediocrity and sameness. People who are going nowhere are the most miserable people on the planet. Because they are bored with life, they seek happiness in laziness, drugs, alcohol, watching movies, playing video games and spending money they don’t really have. The lack of dedication to something meaningful in life will cause people to go to extremes to arrive at an unreachable satisfaction.

However, when we are writing down dreams and accomplishing them one by one, our lives become meaningful, not only to ourselves but to those who are in the circle of our influence.


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