Why Racism is Still Alive and Well in America?

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Racism diminishes the worth of specific groups of people, perceiving them as defective due to skill color, language or culture, a menace to society that must be stopped for the peace and harmony of the nation.

Dangerous exclusion, avoidance and eventual violence are the outcomes of allowing racism to remain a factor in the fabric of this nation.

Fear and stereotypes go hand and hand. However, such stereotypes will never be broken unless disarmed engagement among people of diverse cultures becomes the norm. understanding of race must be interactive with openness for positive change, both mentally and physically.

The racial issue in America hasn’t gone away. Instead, it is still somewhat buried deeply in the heart of the America. The presence killing of unarmed black men, and resurgence of KKK and Neo-Nazi movements in certain cities.

The expression of resurging racism is dangerous to the country and threatens to destroy the cohesiveness of the nation to its very core. Police brutality, outright racism and continual oppression will eventually explode if no initiatives are taken to eliminate the impact of racism.


Several reasons exist for racism in America. The first reason is due to misconception of human nature when it comes to why people act the way they do in various oppressive situations. Poverty, unemployment, lack and limitation are the result of oppression and will have a negative impact on any race of people. The most likely impact is crime and violence, a desperate grasp for survival.

Understanding the nature of a people in desperate situations will provide insights into why they act the way they do. Because of such understanding, the opportunity to find a resolution to the problem as soon as possible would be as wise as possible.

Distorted Pride

Distorted pride is another reason why racism still exist in America. There are many people who don’t feel worthy unless they can entertain the idea that they are better than other races or cultures. Their pride is built on such distorted idea.

In other words, this distorted pride is part of their identity. Such image of themselves were built upon the dark perception of white supremacy passed down from generation to generation. Such distorted pride must be replaced with the truth that all people, regardless of race, is created equal in the sight of the creator: God.

Distorted Fear

Distorted fear is the last reason racism is still alive and well in America. Prejudice views of black anger and violence is what makes certain groups afraid of black people. This is understandable. However, the problem comes when there is no distinguish between those who commit violence and those who practice good citizenship.

Social programs, education and training, and outreach programs geared at improving racial relations, increasing employment for people of color and eliminating oppression once in for all, must be implemented to bring stability and equality to the nation. Otherwise, the hope of making America great again is only an illusion by those who fell to realize how racism became a reality in the first place.


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