How Chicago Can Reduce the Amount of Violence and Murders in the City?

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(Eliminating Violence and Murders in Chicago)

Gang violence, gun shot wounds, and murders characterize a city that has all but been forsaken by local and state governments. Local law enforcement is outnumbering and afraid of entering neighborhoods controlled by well-armed and informed gangs.

However, the situation of gang violence must be confronted if the city of Chicago is going to be rescued from the jaws of violence and terror.

Reducing the amount of violence and murders in Chicago will provide a blueprint for other cities struggling with the same deadly crisis. In the city of Chicago, it is not unusual to hear of multiple shootings in one hour on a constant basis. Weekends and Holidays can be extremely violent, causing overwhelming intimidation in potential visitors to the city.

According to recent studies of 500 people have been shot and wounded or killed since the beginning of the year. A total of 24 people has been shot in the month of April 2018 alone.

The Causes for Chicago Violence

Several reasons exist for the extreme violence occurring in Chicago, including unemployment, poverty, drug dealing, and other crimes, massive illiteracy, lack of government training and job programs for the unskilled.

However, the ever-increasing danger in Chicago must be confronted with swift resolve if the deadly chaos is going to be eliminated.

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The first thing that local officials need to acknowledge is that something must be done to address the current violence.  In many areas, people are afraid to walk the streets. The odds of being shot in a gangland crossfire is extremely high. If left undid the problem will become increasingly worse and spread across the state.

Local officials, church leaders, community activist and ordinary citizens must possess the conscience that the violence and murders have reached a drawing line and must be confronted with courage and great resolve. The danger in such endeavors is always a factor.

The reasons that the police system hasn’t been able to stop the violence is that:

  • They are outnumbered
  • They have inferior weapons
  • They are often targets

Police offers and their families possess a lingering fear that one night or day there will be an unwelcome and devasting phone call regarding injury or death.

A Concerted Effort to Stop Chicago Violence

To eliminate Chicago violence will require a massive response from federal, state and local leaders working together for a common outcome. Church leaderships, as well as pathfinders in every community, must join forces to first stop the violence before anything else can be accomplished.

A concerted effort is the only solution. Because the forces of darkness are so strong in Chicago, the notion that one man can do it all is an illusion. Such a person would probably not last long enough to finish the fest initiations of the movement.

The danger is that there are many behind the violence who are making a considerable profit and are unwilling to allow their evil fortunes to be interrupted.

Religious Leadership Role in Curving Crime and Violence

Great communities are places of peace and harmony. Neighbors respect and encourage one another toward good citizenship. People walk with a sense of safety and security. Children play outside without fearing any sense of hurt, harm or danger.

Therefore, religious leaders must go forward with prayer and service, fulfilling the basic needs such as food and clothing on the regular. Personally, I belong that religious leaders must operate at the grass root level.

Poverty and unemployment are at the root of violence and murder in Chicago.  People are desperate and are willing to survive by any means necessary. Crime and poverty go hand and hand. But prayer and compassion, and connection can make a meaningful impact on cultures of despair.

Local and state Outreach Programs

The attack on poverty must be a concurrently approached. Programs designed to train and equipped individuals with job skills and abilities must be established. One of the reasons for so much gang banging, and drug dealing is that people have lost hope in find jobs to take care of their families and to live a descent life. Lost of hope breeds desperation.

Local governments must not forsake the poor. It is not the way of God. The neglect of the poor will surely be revenged by God. According to scripture, “Those who give to the poor gives to God.” Therefore, the local and state government fulfill their duty to the people and to God.

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My intention is not to portray God as a tyrant who punishes governments. However, the universe has a way of repaying unjust decisions and policies. For instance, we can all agree that when a disease is left without treatment, it spreads.

Citizens must take a stand against violence

The individual citizens in Chicago must stand up to crime and violence within their own neighborhoods, regardless of the dangers lurking around the corners. Unity against violence is a formidable force if performed with purpose and courage.

Depending on the police force alone isn’t the answer. A lot of mistrust between minorities and law enforcement already exist.  But joining hands in unity is the more effective antidote to chaos. It sends a message to gang bangers that we are not going to hide in our houses and allow our neighborhoods to go to the dogs.  Courage and dedication to safe and secure communities are better than living in fear and captivity within the four walls of a building. When I was living in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I refused to be a victim locked up in the prison of my own home. Day in and day out while walking in partnership with God, I stared evil in the face.

Chicago citizens must partnership with their own God and make a stand against crime and violence, especially for the sake of their children or the next generation.

An Approach without Anger

Gang violence must be approached without anger. A willingness to work with the gangs is the appropriate move. There is a reason why gangs form. Usually, where there are poverty and oppression there are gangs.

Gangs originate for a sense of belonging, support, and security. Therefore, gang members must be confronted with understanding and a willingness to negotiate peace.

Standing up for their community, Chicago citizens must convince gang members that there is no need for deadly rivalry. Working together against oppression in unity is a more powerful expression that will get the attention of the world.

Chicago violence and murder will not be reduced until it is approached from all sides, including local and state governments, law enforcement outreach projects, religious leaders and ordinary citizens standing up against gun violence and possessing a commitment to massive change.

This is the hope I have for the city of Chicago as well as others that are struggling with the same issues.







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