Is Publisher Clearing House an Outright Scam?


Publishers Clearing House, an aggressive and direct marketing campaign company has excited millions with the hope of hitting it big regarding the bit financial jackpot. For a few lucky individuals, the dream of getting a check has come true. But for millions more, this hope is nearly impossible to become a reality.

However, according to studies, the odds of winning $15 million in give-a-way 8800 are 1 in 2.4 billion. Sounds like one’s chances of winning a $500 million-dollar lottery jackpot.

The publishing company provides magazine, magazine subscription and runs several one-prize base websites.

Founded 1953, 65 years ago, Publisher clearing house is headquartered in Tarico, New York, and employees over 500 employees. In addition to marketing magazines and subscriptions, publisher clearing house promotes sweepstakes and prized based gaming, holding on to a significant percentage of the profits.

Mass Appeal

Regardless of race, culture or class, publisher clearing house caters to all.  Millions of subscribers invest in the magazines which offer cheap discounts on almost every product and service imaginable. However, to enter a contest for money, you do not have to buy the products and services offered.

Prize Patrol & Sweepstakes

Two of the unique features of Publisher clearing house includes sweepstakes and prize patrol. Using these two features, the publishing company inspire hope into every individual who desires to make it big someday.

Many times, I was led to believe that the prize patrol was somewhere near in my town or city, a misconception that often got me extremely exciting.

Purchasing to Win

Desperate individuals may buy products and services that they may not even need to win some type of prize money. This is how the publishing company makes the bulk of its revenue, especially at a time in which digital marketing is becoming more of the shopping norm from consumers.

Suggested Action

Don’t allow this publishing company to drag you into buying a host of discounted products in hope of making in big. If you like the items offered to you, that’s not the problem. take advantage of the merchandise. But don’t’ get your hopes up high regarding wining a lot of money.

Millions of people desire to win the big prize. The popular magazine publishing company makes every one of these individuals believe that they are the winner.

I am not saying the Publishing Clearing House has not value. It does offer value if you are interested in reasonable discounts. However, do not allow your hopes to result in massive disappointment.

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