Supernatural Enablement: How I Transcended My Human Power and Strength


Supernatural enablement means that an individual has been given the ability to transcend all knowledge, strength, and power of common human hood to perform incomprehensible feats within the realm of the spirit.

This divine enablement has created and shaped the life I currently live in the spiritual realm. Each day I walk in the power and authority of the supernatural. Sometimes I am impressed with the incredible things it does for me. I hardly ever rely on my own human strength or power. When I am walking in a higher power, nothing is impossible for me.

An individual who is supernatural enabled will possess several advantages over the ordinary people. He or she will be able to perform many highly supernatural objectives for the kingdom of God. Such divinely oriented individuals possess:

  • A sense of divine responsibility,
  • Extraordinary vision,
  • Emotional supremacy over anxiety and fear,
  • Power to bring stability to condition,
  • Tremendous reach
  • Connection with people and nature
  • A power to transform reality

People endowed with supernatural enablement are walking in divine power at all times. They don’t rely on their own human strength but in the strength and power of God. Such individuals are fully in charge of their surroundings, regardless of the location:

In the Home

A mom or dad enabled with supernatural power will be able to protect their homes and children from all hurt, harm, and danger.  Peace and prosperity will operate within the entire family.


The Work Place

An employee endowed with supernatural knowledge and wisdom will be able to increase the prosperity of the business or organization. Spiritually empowered people have the ability bless organizations so that growth will accelerate.

Education Arena

College students who possess this divine power will be able to make great strides toward academic success. He or she will be able to comprehend or interpret difficult knowledge and apply it with competence and ease.

The Community

The community of a person walking in the supernatural will be able to transform his or her surroundings, creating peace and safety for all citizens. No neighbor will have to worry about gangs and criminals taking over the neighborhood.  I am a witness.


Being supernatural enabled doesn’t matter if you don’t use the power to overcome negative forces in your surroundings.

Before I came to the knowledge of using this power, I was just like the majority of Christians: experiencing a sense of vulnerability from the negativity of life. I was naïve.  However, the change came one night after I had gotten robbed one night while walking home from Walmart.

Four or five youngsters caught me off guard, taking my wallet and other belongings. The young men ran away after they had gotten what they want. However, the experience left me feeling violated and shaken in faith.

But soon it became obvious to me that I wasn’t using the divine power to transform my surroundings. The opportunity to perform was now or never.

After praying a transformational prayer of power, the conditions of the neighborhood begin to immediately change.  Swarms of law enforcement officers attacked the neighborhood, arresting hundreds of gang members and drug dealers, cleaning out the dark entities.

From then on, families, including mothers, fathers, children, walked the community with a sense of assurance from becoming a victim of crime.

The Reality of the Supernatural

I decided never again will I act passively in the face of negative conditions in my surroundings. Since then, my environment has been “peaceable habitations, sure dwellings, and quiet resting places.” Walking and performing in the supernatural is more powerful than a nuclear weapon.

Things you’ll need to do to walk in the Supernatural:

  • Knowledge of God’s Word and Promises
  • Constant Routine of Prayer and Meditation
  • Putting on the Whole Armor of God

The last tool, “putting on the whole armor of God,” is an affirmative affair. In the morning, before heading out of the house, I put on the armor of God, listing the pieces one by one until I am fully covered with the supernatural shield:

The Whole Armor of God: My Morning Affirmation

  • I adorn my feet with the gospel of the preparation of peace
  • I put on the helmet of salvation
  • I put on the breast plate of righteousness
  • I take the shield of faith, which will allow me to quench every fiery dart of the enemy,
  • Praying in all many of prayer for all the saints,
  • Pulling the strong holds and casting down imagination and every high thing that stands against the knowledge of God.
  • I revenge all disobedient when my obedience is fulfilled.


The above affirmation is a powerful shield against the negativity in society. If you become equipped with this divine armory congratulations! You have become invincible to all danger in your environment, including serious accidents.

There is no limitation to those who are supernaturally enabled by the power of God.  Only your doubts and fears are your enemies. Those who believe in this power like me can move from place to place without automobiles or airplanes.

But those who don’t believe and consider this type of reality insane, wait a little while longer. The future will shock and astonish you.


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