Selecting the Perfect Ring: Four Diamond Jewelry Scams to Avoid

diamond ring

Every year, diamond ring scams rob eager couples out of millions of dollars, thereby, weakening the full excitement and expression of the anticipated wedding. The main reason why so many diamond scams occur is that couples possess little or no knowledge of diamonds and their characteristics. Knowing how to identify, select and purchase the perfect diamond require a certain amount of jewelry wisdom.

Recognizing Scams is the key to preventing them. The most common scams are:

Carat Total Weight Scam-occurs when the ring’s tag states the entire weight of all the diamonds on the ring instead of the weight of each individual diamond.

Fluorescence Scam-occurs when the jeweler attempts to convince the buyer that a blue-white diamond carries more value than a regular diamond. However, don’t believe the hype. There is nothing unique or special about a blue-white diamond, except its reflection under the light.

Such diamonds are often of lesser value than a regular, white diamond ring.

Dishonest Appraisal Scam-occurs when a jeweler attempts to devalue a ring you have received as a gift or one you purchased elsewhere. The goal is to get you to give up the ring for one of lessor value or accept a cash reward for less than you would receive for the actual value.

Diamond Replacement Scam-occurs when a jeweler replaces a diamond you have selected and paid for with a diamond ring of lesser quality and value, especially when you leave the jewelry to be set in the piece or to be sized for the ring.

What to Do Before Falling into a Jewelry Scam?

Ask many questions before purchasing a diamond ring, especially when you sense something isn’t quite right. For example, if you are concerned about the weight of the main diamond in a piece, ask the jeweler for his information.

Do research on strange offers such as the blue-white diamond? Get the true value of such a diamond offers before purchasing one. Chances are you are confronted with a scam. And don’t do business with untrustworthy jewelry businesses in the first place.

Always get second opinions before seeking the value of diamond ring jewelry giving to you as a gift, especially if you desire to trade such jewelry for the sake of purchasing a wedding ring with more value

What to Do After Falling into a Jewelry Scam?

If friendly confrontation and discussion with the jewelry fail to produce a satisfactory outcome, you may want to invest in an attorney or lawyer for the sake of recovering your money or getting the diamond jewelry value you paid for.

Research the Business before Purchasing Diamond Jewelry

Always research a jewelry company before purchasing a diamond ring or any type of diamond jewelry. You will avoid the headaches and stress of being caught up in a scam.  Pay class attention to reviews and examine the company’s track record via the Better Business Bureau.

Many more jewelry scams exist with many more being devised each year, but you can avoid every one of them by being acutely aware and inquisitive before purchasing the perfect diamond ring.