Removing the Limitations in Your Mind


A mind without limitations is powerful beyond imagination, but also, if not regulated, an unlimited mentality can be a threat to humanity.  Hitler, Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein were brutal dictators who performed on the world stage without moral inhibition.  The horrific acts which followed them shocked humanity even to this present time.

However, an individual with an unlimited mindset can become the source of many great and awe-inspiring inventions. Many of the technology which we possess the day is attributed to great minds such as Electricity, Aviation, and various other forms of transportation.

Local, state and national initiatives were achieved and established by minds who knew no limitations and minds who refuse to believe the opposite of their convictions. Without these individuals, the world might still be in the dark ages.

Removing Mental Limitations

Getting rid of our mental limitations which hold us back from creating greatness is a prerequisite for drastic personal and society transformations.  “All things are possible to those who believe,” is an outstanding quote of the biblical Jesus Christ to his disciples.  The history of civilization proves that Jesus Christ was right.

mental limitations

All things are possible to the individuals who believe that they can make a dynamic difference in the lives of society.  You and I, without limitations, are what the world needs today.  An unlimited minded person is one who laughs at fears and goes through them head on to fulfill his or her great destiny. Although they may feel fear, they have removed the limitations of fear from their minds. As a result, they experience incredible freedom and joy.

You and I can experience the same overwhelming joy and freedom.

Getting started: the Breakthrough to Freedom

Recognition of Obstacles

You must identify your limitations and recognize that they are holding you back from living the most complete and perfect life that you can ever imagine.  The cost of eliminating these limitations is a small price to pay compared to the world of opportunities that awaits your deliverance.

Manage your thoughts

If thoughts are things, then the energy it takes to confront them hour after hour can be exhausting until the management of them becomes habit and routine.  If you refuse to manage your thoughts due to the time it takes to harness their power and energy, you might as well succumb to a miserable of mediocrity.

Become comfortable with the unknown.  Reverse your tendency to stop at signs of rejection as well as the pains of shame, embarrassment, and ridicule.

Take action to build your resistance to pressure. Be resilient. Be prepared to rise up immediately after you have been knocked down.  Great men and women become great because, once knocked down, they get back up immediately and refuse to be defeated by the limitations in their minds.

Support from Family and Friends

Get support from positive family members and friends who can help you get back on track if you are tempted to quit or give up out of doubt and fear.  Knowing that you have someone to fall back on is especially invigorating when you fail or experience rejection.  They welcoming smile and embrace is priceless in such darkened times.

Personal Development Books and DVDs

There are a host of powerful books and DVDS available for people who desire to unleash the bondages in their thinking.  Tony Robins, Brain Tracy, Joyce Meyers, and TD Jakes are some of the great spiritual leaders and motivational speakers on the planet.  These people have written hundreds of books to help you discover your identity and free your minds from the limitations which have taken you captive.

Removing the limitations in your mind is not an easy task. You must exert much mental effort to replace doubts and fears with courage and love. But with each successful effort comes a sense of joy and increased freedom from mental bondage.


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