What to Do When Your Own Thinking is Your Greatest Enemy?


The thinking that is most dangerous to our livelihood is the type that is centered on us as unworthy individuals. Such toxic thinking can ruin everything that we treasure in life, including our marriage and relationships, our career and usefulness to society, and our confidence in our skills and abilities necessary to live a progressive life.

Often throughout our formative years, we encounter peers and enemies who say such bombshell things as “Who do you think you are?” or “you not worthy to be married or you’re too ugly to have a successful career in entertainment. You receive such verbal abuse when you try out for something new or for a venture your verbal bullies wont’ dare attempt themselves.

The accumulation of such verbal attacks can drive you into the trap of thinking so negative about ourselves that we think it is impossible to escape.  Our thinking becomes toxic to a point that we believe it’s normal to think in such a way.

But these attacks that cause us to form a negative view of ourselves don’t necessary have to come from sworn enemies, such mental abuse come from misinformed parents, siblings and our own classroom teachers we have engaged with during grade school years.

Your options for Recovering Your Life

If you thinking is your greatest enemy, you have obviously loss many opportunities to achieving happiness in life.  You were tormented with the mindset that you were not good enough to stand out in your community, career, or your relationships.

wrong thinking

You are not alone. Millions of people believe that same old toxic nonsense as you do. They have also paid the high cost of such misconceptions.

However, you can turn your life around 360 degrees by developing a strong intention to no longer allow yourself to be in bondage to the negative perception of yourself and the God-given skills, abilities, and talents received from your maker.

To develop a strong intention against the stagnation of personal bondage, you must reflect on your life up until this point.  What takes priority?  Do you want to spend the rest of your years living beneath your means and on the negative opinions of others or do you really want to make a real difference in this world? The answer to this question is entirely up to you.

But imagine a life in which you are happy and joyful about waking up the next day, experiencing all the wonderful things you have ever dreamed of: a strong marriage, solid relationships, a delightful career with outstanding achievements and rewards.

Such wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle can become a reality. The following principles give you victory over the enemy thoughts that keep you in mental slavery.

Intention to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

Your intention must be to attack and breach the gates of your negative thoughts without reservation. No longer will you allow these thoughts to attack you. Instead, you will take the fight to them and replace them with thoughts of positive steel.

The Breastplate of Forgiveness

To overcome the resentment you have built up over the years against the people whose poisonous shaped the perspective you have of yourself, you must put on the breastplate of forgiveness so that your heart will be protected from hatred and anger.

As long as you live in the dark qualities of hatred and anger, you will still be in bondage to negative thoughts and to the people who planted them there. Decide to break free by affirming the positive over such thinking.  Forgiveness is the perfect weapon to inner freedom.

Focus on the Positives

You must set your mind to focus on the positive things in life. Be grateful for the strengths you do have, including your ability to change your mind and move in a positive direction to success. Be thankful for the opportunities you have to make a difference in the lives of others by simply offering a word of support or lending a helping hand to someone traveling from A to B.

Your worthiness as a human being is solid in whatever state you are.  Money, fame, and fortune don’t make you any more worthy than a beggar standing on a street corner between stop lights.

Therefore, be thankful for the strengths you have to offer now.

Surround yourself with positive people. You have probably heard this advice over and over again but have not taken it seriously until now.  However, the truth is the truth. The people you hang around the most will influence you the most, either positively or negatively.

Release what is not positive

Sometimes letting go of people who our souls are intertwined with is extremely difficult. Often after we make the decision to release toxic connections, even though such connections contributed special memories and moments to our lives, we must make the transformative choice.

If we do, new friends and new connections will soon fill the void.

Create to Maintain Relevancy

As long as you are going forward in life, you create meaning. People who are extremely happy and successful are people who never retire. They are always creating in some capacity, whether they are volunteering at a local food pantry or participating in a neighborhood cleanup.

When you are creating you are making things new and different. As a result, we feel alive with purpose and gratitude.

But when we stop creating, our lives can become stagnated and boring. Our thoughts become enslaved and our minds begin to harbor poisons such as worry, fear, and death.

You and I were created to always march forward. This is our responsibility for being inserted in the timeframe of life. Our creator will hold us accountable for not moving forward and fulling our duties toward the human race, the environment and our maker himself.

When our thinking about ourselves becomes our greatest enemy, we must attack such thoughts with fierceness and rage.  They are there to make our lives miserable. They will show no mercy on those when embracing passiveness in life.

Live joyfully.




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