Has the WNBA Reached Its Peak as far as Being Relevant in a Male Dominated Market?

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Founded on April 24, 1996, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) is the counterpart of to the NBA (National Basketball Association).  The women’s league consists of twelve teams which are active during summer months. (May through September)

I have been an avid WNBA fan since its inception.  The simplicity and fundamentals of the women’s game is a joy to watch. Some of the most decorated women basketball players in the world reside right here in the United States.

The Problems with the WNBA

The biggest challenge for the women’s league is developing a powerful fan base . Although the brand is legit, the marketing  hasn’t been strong enough to reach a highly diverse, men target audience.  A large majority of men still favors the hard ‘nosed, macho man, NBA basketball game, as well as other male-oriented professional sports.

In addition, the salaries for women basketball players are extremely meager when compared to the salaries of their NBA Counterparts. Sadly, the maximum pay for a WNBA player is under $100.000.

Nevertheless, the WNBA offers extraordinary sports entertainment for the entire family.  The brand is strong, offering highly skilled, captivating, basketball skills and talents which rival the best of the men’s game. Players, such as Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker, Maya Moore, and the new incoming rookie, Aja ‘Wilson are only a few of the elite players who have become icons of the women’s game.

The WNBA is Unique in Several Ways:

The WNBA as a Gift

The women’s game is certainly a gift for the young girls. When you girls see their favorite basketball stars doing and saying positive things, these young girls are inspired to follow after them.  The goal of WNBA players is to be positive role models to young girls, providing hope to little girls who desire to become professional

In addition, the WNBA offers a brand of basketball that is pure and untainted by scandals and inappropriate behavior: Just Pure-oriented basketball.  It is certainly a clean ton of fun for the entire family.

The WNBA as a Game

Think again! The women’s game offers some of the same dynamic basketball highlights that the men’s game offer, short of constant dumps.  But the skills, talents, and glamour of the game are equally captivating.

Great competitive teams, including Los Angeles Sparks and the Minnesota Lynx, will give any professional men’s team a run for its money.

The Teams: East and West

The WNBA consists of twelve outstanding teams designed to WOW their fans game after game.  Many who believed otherwise were highly impressed after experiencing the dynamics of a live game.


Atlanta Dream


Chicago Sky


Connecticut Sun


Indiana Fever


New York Liberty


Washington Mystics




Dallas Wings


Las Vegas Aces


Los Angeles Sparks


Minnesota Lynx


Phoenix Mercury


Seattle Storm


Growth in Viewership: A Big Positive

The Women’s National Basketball Association has impressively grown its fan base over the last few years, winning the favor of broadcast partners such as ESPN, Twitter, and NBA TV.  Such growth has made a difference in strengthening hope the league is sustainable in the long run.

However, giving the number of years since its inception, the women’s game is lagging behind in terms of obtaining a high-level fan base of interested men, particular the hard-nosed male basketball enthusiasts .

Nevertheless, the biggest positive is that the league is experiencing gradual growth each year, as evidenced by the addition of new partners and sponsors both leagues wide as well as team specific sponsors.

The Ultimate Goal will Take Time

The ultimate goal is to continually pursue that dynamic marketing strategy that will pull a great male audience into the mix. The achievement of such goal will take the lead to a new level in terms of brand popularity and revenue. This will also be welcoming new news for WNBA players whose salaries will surely increase.

The ultimate goal will take time. But with faith in the value of the brand and perseverance to push through the ups and downs of growth and progress, the WNBA will eventually rise to prominence and achieve the recognition traditionally giving to the men’s game.


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