Joy of Using Facebook: The Things I Do


I use Facebook at least 3 or 4 times a week.  It’s a way of staying connected to the people who are most influential in my life.  I grew up with some of these Facebook friends, bringing back several childhood memories once forgotten.

When I log into Facebook, I first check to see how many messages I have received.  Such messages usually are from groups who are posting items for sale or simply people responding to a picture or video that was shared.

Subject matter

Often the subject matter I receive consists of such topics as food, fashion, special events or family occurrences, and questions from friends and family.


A friend of mine who grew up in Harman dale Missouri is always dining at some restaurant, showing a picture of great looking foods.  He is actually a military man who often travels back and forth to various Asian countries to perform special projects.

Other female friends who are big on fashion are often sharing pictures of themselves dressed in the latest fashion wear.

Special events

Special events such as anniversaries, birthday parties and other family celebrations sometimes take center stage.  It is always wonderful to send a like or a special message of congratulations to a sister, brother, or friends who are having a great deal of fun.

My Website Promotions

I also use Facebook campaigns to promote several of my many websites so that I can get more traffic interested in what I have to offer.  Facebook has an ongoing promotional package that allows a website owner to constantly market his or her product without an affordable price.

My Contributions

As my reaching out to family and friends, I often share videos or a powerful message of joy and encouragement.  One of my weaknesses is not staying relevant enough to keep my friends and family occupied with inspiriting words and messages.

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