Natural Beauty: The Mystery of Life


For many of us, we are so engulfed within ourselves that we cannot appreciate the natural beauty surrounding us. As a result, we often get depressed and lose the meaning of life: to enjoy the simplicity of life in the now, not in some distant future.

There is a great deal of natural beauty to appreciate:

  • People: beautiful physical features without make-up, including face, hair, eyes, nose, teeth and body shape
  • Environment: beautiful landscapes, with ponds, lakes, mountains, and trees
  • Nature: beautiful animals, birds, their sounds, exotic animals, the beautiful silence of quiet locations in the fields or forest
  • Beautiful Names, including Maria, Candy, Champaign, Melody, Sherrill, Odyssey, Sugar, and Dewanna
  • Beautiful Weather: for all seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter

The above are only some of the natural beauty that is displayed in the earth.  Our desperate concerns with our selfish desires blind us to the acknowledgement of such phenomenon.

The biggest advantages to appreciating natural beauty are remarkable in themselves. Such natural beauty impacts us in several ways.

Natural Beauty is therapeutic. The more we observe it the more it provides a sense of peace and calmness, healing of our minds and body

Natural Beauty is attractive. It takes away our attention from the mundane and gives us brief moments of joy and gladness within our weary souls

Natural Beauty is Inspiring. By observing beauty our creativity can blossom and allow us to create a whole new reality. We seek to imitate it with our own designs, materials, and styles.

Natural Beauty is decorative. If we place a beautiful person, a picture or an object within a dull room, the room is suddenly transformed into excitement.  That room is a place we want to be.

In a sense, natural beauty is a mystery that we fail to conceive due to our insensitive to nature and the things which we are so freely given.  Our focus and desire are pointed toward man-made creations.

When you are feeling down and out, just look around you. Focus on the beautify things around you, including people, nature, the atmosphere of peace and quiet or the sound of sweet, soft music in the grocery store.  Getting your mind off yourself and your troubles, and observing beauty, will awaken a reason for hope and give you renewed energy for creative ideas.


Places and Situation where beauty is abundant

  • Local grocery store
  • The mall
  • By the lake
  • Alone in your backyard
  • In the silence of the woods
  • Beautiful, soft music
  • The refreshing memories in your mind
  • You imagination
  • The neighborhood in which you live

If you acknowledge that a natural beautify is everywhere, you will find it in the most unlikeliness of places and situations. Natural beauty will no longer be a mystery. You will see and appreciate it wherever you go.


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