Humor: A Refuge from Life’s Storms



The ups and downs of life, the anxiousness of getting things done and achieving our dreams and goals can drown out our laughter and sense of humor. Achieving a sense of humor is crucial if you prefer life not to overwhelm and destroy all the people and things you hold precious.

The most wonderful thing about having a sense of humor is that it enables you to set back and laugh at your mistakes and realize that everyone is going through the same things. Our condition, whatever it may be, is only one of the millions of conditions people are experiencing all across the world.

Someone condition is always worse than ours.

Having a sense of humor is a refuge from the storms of life, including worrying about tomorrow and whether or not our condition will improve, or whether the economy will crash, resulting in the loss of all our savings and assets.  Entertaining such thoughts steal our peace and joy and make us rigid in our personalities.

Embracing a sense of humor is the key to enjoying life today.  Developing a great sense of humor will provide several benefits:

  • Helps us enjoy and appreciation life
  • A reason to connect with others
  • Motivation to move forward despite hardships

Enjoying life, building relationships and moving forward to new levels of existence is the recipe for a full and complete life.  Since life is short, we must not get trapped in a world of attempting to achieve fame and fortune at all cost. Many who took such path ended up regretting it.

Developing a sense of humor begins now. Begin to laugh at the mistakes you have made instead of feeling sorrow for yourself.  Because of your mistakes, you have probably learned many significant things, things you probably would not have known had not it been for those mistakes. Cherish the knowledge.

Things to Laugh At:

  • When you fail your driven test for the fourth time
  • When you are laid off from your job
  • When your daughter tells you she doesn’t want to attend college, even though you have saved up a fund
  • When your life seems to be going know where even though you have tried everything to get ahead
  • When your bills pile up to the ceiling
  • When you friends stop inviting you to hang out because you have changed your lifestyle
  • When the doctor tells you that something is wrong with you: laughter is instant medicine

Laughing at your setbacks and challenges aren’t failing to take life seriously. Instead, having a sense of humor toward your trials and tribulations is, in essence, conquering them.  In laughter and joy, problems usually resolve themselves.  It is a mystery.  The power of humor has a way of changing a negative consciousness of negativity to one of positive change.

Studies show that there are people who have laughed their problems into resolutions.  The inner happiness they feel breaks every burdensome chain, resulting in a new reality.

On the other hand, when we worry about negative reports, our conditions grow worse because of the dark forces behind our thinking.  Therefore, laugh, laugh, and laugh.

Surround yourself with people who love to laugh or people who are always embracing a sense of positivity in life.  These people will take you by the hand and tell you that it is alright to not to take life to serious.

You will realize that the most important things in life aren’t material possessions or the pride of achievement, but laughter and love, joy and peace are the things, for which we should continually reach. A world without a sense of humor is a gloomy and unmerciful place.



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