Respecting Our Neighbors-A Gift of Humility


To disrespect others is to diminish their sense of worth and consider your own worthiness more important than theirs. When we look down on our neighbors personal, cultural and racial reality as nothingness, you are disrespecting them.  You are placing your sense of importance above theirs.  But disrespect destroys connections on every level.

What makes respect so wonderful is its impact on others as well as ourselves. For instance, to respect someone:

  • Honors them, giving them a sense of appreciation
  • Gives them a sense of personal and social inclusion
  • Increases our sense of emotional and physical wellness
  • Enhances our character, adding value to our lives

If we have been respecting others, we must change our behavior and becomes builders of good community.  A culture of respect is a haven for transformation, healing our emotional wounds, including loneliness and depression, and embracing us with love and acceptance.

A Reflection of Our Own Values

After all, our neighbor s is reflections of our own values, whether they are positive or negative.  The choice between bitterness and compassion is up to us. We must represent our positive values if we want society to reach new levels of social growth and affinity.

If we walk through our neighborhood, ignoring the people that we see every day, turning our heads to avoid acknowledging them, then we will receive a negative display of values toward ourselves as well.

Respect Starts Now

Respecting our neighbors starts now since we are always surrounded by people.  Speak to and approach everyone as being a child of God, equal in every level of creation.

Affirm everyone who crosses your path, whether at work, at school, in the mall, or in the community while you are going to an evening school.  Don’t let race, culture or gender interfere with your commitment to respect everyone.

Be gentle with those who make mistakes while under your authority or watch. Yelling and screaming at people indicates a sense of arrogance on your part. No one is perfect. Neither are you.  We all know what we know now because of the mistakes we have made along our earthly journeys.

Don’t play favorites.  To show appreciation to one person while ignoring the other person is a huge form of disrespect.  At least, acknowledge everyone, especially when you are dealing with children.

Each day offers us an opportunity to give the gift of respect toward those who are in our circle of influence.  If we do, we transform ourselves, our neighbors and our communities.



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