Independence: Enjoying the Ride


True independence isn’t being irresponsible or going around making unwise choices in your personal life or business.  Instead, true independence means the joy and freedom of taking advantage of all the good things life has to offer without being inhibited by self or others.

Achieving true independence is a challenge.  You must be willing to boldly storm the gates of your own inner demons, including the fear of what others may think.  You must be wise enough to avoid the traps that others will attempt to put you in. Many people will make an assumption of limitations regarding your personality and abilities.

However, a person walking in true independence will not allow the opinion of others to keep them in bondage.  He or she lives beyond the opinion of naysayers.

Your Advantage

The power of independence gives you an advantage over people who are limited in the beliefs and lifestyles.  You will experience:

  • Joy and freedom
  • People being drawn to you
  • The confidence to experience anything
  • Unrestrictive by a committed relationship

The sky is the limit for a truly independent person.  He or she is not restricted by a relationship, regardless if he or she is actually in a romantic engagement.

Enjoying the Ride

Don’t be fall into the trap of pleasing people. Enjoy your independence.  Take full advantage of the opportunities which come your way.  If you have a talent or special abilities, look for chances to develop them.

For example, if you love singing and have a good voice, try out for the many talent shows which offer auditions each year?  If you like acting, find ways to participate in theater activities.  Maximize all the good things within you.

Avoid people who desire to put you in bondage.  Some will tell you that you are not good enough or that you are crazy to even think that you can be a star. However, many of those who are stars in Hollywood went through the same thing, but they defied the attempts of limited minded individuals

Explore new avenues of life.  Go places and experience things which other limited souls will never realize in their lifetime.

As long as you are making wise choices and experiencing a sense of fulfillment while living the independent life, you are doing what you were put here to do: living and showing others the joy and possibilities of living an independent life.





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