10 Adaptations You Make When Living with Reluctant In-laws

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You take full responsibility. If you had managed your money right, you probably wouldn’t need to move in with your in-laws. It was an omen that you and your wife never wanted to happen. But it did. Now you must deal with it.

Life will never be the same because your freedom is diminished. Because of such predicament, you had to adapt to your new living environment and make the most of it until you get back on your feet.

You Come Home Late

You take your time getting home to avoid clashing with your in-laws over the most mundane things, such as leaving a bread crumb on the table, misplacing the mustard jar in the refrigerator, or giving you the silent treatment because you are not supposed to be living their anyway, especially interrupting their time and space.

You Go to Bed on Time

Turn off the lights! Go to bed on time. When you live in your own place, you can go to bed whenever you want. Stay up all night! But when living with in laws you mostly likely have to go to bed way earlier then you are used to going. There always a potential argument brewing about the cost of the light bill.

You Avoid Late Night Snacks

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Avoid late night snacks. You want to get up around 2:00 o’clock in the morning to grab a piece of pie or eat a chicken wing, but you better not disturb the precious sleep of your mother-in-law. So you suffer hunger pains until you see daylight oozing through your window. Oops! You might be in the basement.

You Settle in a Confined Space

Get used to your confined space. You don’t get to roam the house from room to room when you actually owned your own apartment. Now you roam around in what appears to be a 7×10 or less bedroom area.  At least it’s better than living in the God forsaken, rat infested, abandoned shacks down the street behind Mr. Oakley’s deserted store.


You Always Use Headphones

You use your headphones now. Loud music not aloud! In fact, no music is permitted on most days. In your own home, you played music 24/7, especially that soft jazzy style of music that relaxes your mind. But your in-laws don’t see it like that, especially your mother-in-law, who lives beyond music. Instead, she loves the good old, country, and peace and quiet.

You Buy Minimum Groceries

At least you can cut down your grocery bill. Now you can only by the immediate, necessary food items. You can’t take up to much space with your brand of food because you share the same refrigerator with your in-laws. They even frown on the type of food that you buy. They’ll all about healthy eating while you just love that junk food.

You Exercise Emotional control

You do a good job of controlling your emotions. Anger is not an option, especially when you mother-in-law is insinuating that you don’t’ know how to save money and that you are in this predicament because you were unwise in your spending. But wait! She is not considering the whole story. I was laid off for the summer.

You Pay the Rent on Time

Please pay the rent on time! If there is an argument waiting in the wings, you want to eliminate its likely hood for manifesting by delivering the green on time.  Money talks! It changes mindsets and calms down the spirit with imaginations of desire.

You Whisper When Talking

Keep your voice down! Whisper when you are talking on the phone. Your mother-in-law might be listening to your business. She may have an audio spy device planted somewhere in the walls or ceiling within your space.

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If she finds out how you really feel about her, you may be out on the streets while your wife is still living there, feeling sorry for you. Remember, your wife warned you not to talk to loudly because she knows her people better than you.

You Avoid Farting too Loud

Using the bathroom isn’t an easy task. You have to hold in that fart until the intensity deems it necessary to take care of your personal business. In your own home, going to the bathroom was a delightful experience. You get to just sat there and relax on the toilet. Read a newspaper if you desire. But not in dear old mother-in-law house! You have to use a ton of air freshener and avoid farting too loud.

But hang in there kiddo! This too shall pass. And you will be free to reclaim your extraordinary lifestyle once again.


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