Four Disciplines Associated with High-level Productivity


As a small business owner, I often missed my productivity target on several occasions, due to the neglect of self-governance, especially when I first got started. Many times I just didn’t feel like getting anything done, mainly due to not knowing where to begin. Things sometimes appeared chaotic and out of order.

I wanted to achieve excellence in my business, but I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to push the grain day after day. However, I had to find out the hard way that high-lever productivity can never be achieved via idleness and passivity. High-level productivity leading to a sense of fulfillment must be earned every day.

If owners of small business start-up want to achieve high-level productivity, he or she must take charge of procrastination and laziness and remember three vital things every day.


Always acknowledge that prioritizing is the foundation for smooth progress and essential in every arena of life. Each day you awaken, you should know exactly what to do when it comes to getting things done in your business. Neglecting such responsibility will eventually lead to operational chaos and customer dissatisfaction.

Ultimate Agenda

When it comes to making great strides within your business, always remember your purpose and ultimate agenda. If you reflect back on why you started the businesses, anyway, there is a good chance that the answer is that you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by satisfying their needs and wants. You also wanted to obtain a better quality of life other than spending all your days on a regular 9 to 5 job.


Prioritize and concentrate on the 5 or 6 Tasks or projects that must get down in order for your day to be highly productive. Schedule a to-do-list in terms of starting and completing important tasks which customers are demanding.

Handling Interuptions

In addition, for productivity to flourish, banish all potential interuptions to your high-level productivity, including disabling phone calls, social media temptation, and interruptive family members and friends.

Based on customer demand, establish a deadline and a hierarchy of task importance before tackling the projects.

You can do the most strenuous task first, especially if the demand for your product or service isn’t an immediate issue.

Refuse to Waste Precious Time

Precious time is wasted when we fail to prioritize. Determining what is important will create great clarity as to what we are trying to achieve. Minutes turn to hours when we are trying to figure out what to do and when we don’t know where to start.

Mastering high-level productivity starts with acknowledging the reason why our business exists, recognizing our purpose and agenda when it comes to serving our customers and promoting our brand, and concentrating on the most significant tasks by scheduling a start date and deadline for their completion.


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