Warning: Is Society too Dependent on Technology?


We can all agree that technology is a godsend to society. It saves us time, reduces effort, accelerates information sharing, and keeps us digitally connected with the people and things that matter most in our lives.

In another scenario, technology can give one business an advantage over another in terms of productivity, communication, and customer acquisition. However, our praise of technology must be integrated with warnings.

Becoming too dependent on technology isn’t a society long shot anymore. Such reality is becoming more evident as each year passes by.  The idea of AI and all its potential can be very alarming when you consider robots taken over what ordinary human beings are accustomed to doing. The AI reality will certainly destroy occupations of every variety.

Our Natural Style of Relating

Not only that, newer forms of technology are drastically interrupting our natural style of relating to one another as human beings.  Our ability to ‘win friends and influence people’ has been weakened considerably due to our obsession with smartphones and Mobil tablets,  two forms of technology with keep our attention glued to the screen instead of on our neighbors.

When we don’t pay attention to our neighbors due to our dependency on smartphones and other mobile gadgets we have fallen into the trap of technology dependency.

Recognizing New Technology but understanding we don’t need it

Of course, we need a smartphone for basic availability, staying connected and performing necessary tasks. There is nothing wrong with such activities. The problems come when we are so fascinated by the new apps that are introduced in the smartphone world that we just have to integrate these apps into our smartphones.

The bottom line is that we don’t have to have every new gadget that comes along as part of our technology portfolio.  We must relax with what we have.  The more technology we invest in, the more dependent we will become on these devices.  That is not good.

“When the Machine Stops,” George Orwell

If there is ever a technological nightmare in which all our gadgets suddenly stopped working, the world would enter into a state of chaos. I recall going to the local library just the other day. I wondered what had occurred.

I came to find out that the computers where malefunctioning, all of them. Therefore, people could not access important information until the computers evaluated and fixed.   Many people were there to do research, write papers and read upon their favorite stars. However, since the computers were no longer working they couldn’t get anything done.  So people who were depending too much on using library computers were disappointed because they cannot achieve their plans.  It is certainly time for a change.

Acknowledging our Natural Ability to Connect

In order to get back to brotherly love and sisterly love, we need only invest in basic technology. You don’t’ need to invest in anymore distractive and expensive stuff.  It will only keep you pre- occupied and isolated from meeting new people which may come into your life to play a significant role in your attainment of happiness and prospierity.

Our dependency and obsession with new forms of technology interfere with our ability to natural connect with one another. Once upon a time, we were social beings who look forward to meeting new people. We would meet them at the park, the grocery store, the workplace, exercise clubs, restaurants, as wells as the neighborhoods and communities we walk through.

Loving our neighbors

Our dependency on technology makes us selfish and rude when it comes to recognizing each other’s specialness. We must get back to loving one another, naturally or by physically meeting and greeting one another in the course of our daily lives.

Becoming more dependent on our technology doesn’t make us happy in the long run. Such mistake only isolates and weakens us. What makes us happy in the long run are the moments in time which we spent loving one another.




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