Seven Dangers Associated with the “Always On” Generation


The “Always On” generation or the Gen Y is in effect day and night, gazing into the screens of its smartphones and watches, tablets, Chromebooks,  and desk top computer, browsing and manipulating hundreds of Apps,  videos, and other online programs.

Also, the “Always On” generation is constantly being empowered by more advanced technology than the previous year. The giant tech companies, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft are steadily bombarding Gen Y with new Apps, gadgets and digital operating systems. AI (artificial intelligence) has already entered the building with all its potential glory.

However, should we be excited for Gen Y or should we set down and serious reflect on this growing phenomenon and consider the consequences?  New or advanced technology supposed to be designed with the intention of improving performance, staying competitive and reducing daily efforts in the workplace.

But in addition to improving the quality of our performance, technological advancement has produced the “Always On” generation and a world obsessed with the digital device to the point of ignoring the ever increasing dangers, both individually and socially.


The consequence of being glued to our smartphones, tablets and other digital devices 24/7 poses many potential dangers to both the individual and society. These dangers include:

  • Distraction-slows down productivity in the workplace and home life results in car accidents
  • Procrastination-creates confusion and overwhelm, disorganization, and stressful deadlines
  • Isolation-people become isolated from society, children stay inside in front of the computer instead of coming outside, resulting in obesity and unhealthiness
  • Indifference-people ignore one another’s need for belonging by being glued to digital devices while in public settings
  • Selfishness-unwilling to share the device, upset when interrupted by family, friends or others
  • Illiteracy-unwilling to improve reading skills, would rather play on the tablet, iPad or Chromebook all day long, especially children
  • Distortion-weird thinking and imagination due to being engrossed in internet games, inability to appreciate reality.

The Frightening Impact

Imagine a world in which such behaviors continue to thrive. Who knows what could occur due to our obsession with the power of the digital age.  Are we going to become a robotic- controlled society in which individuals are robbed of their hearts or souls? If so, God helps us. Societies which lose their heart and soul will also see their downfall and destruction soon after.


We must acknowledge that too much technological advancement poses a serious danger to society and that to prevent such dangers, big tech companies must wake up and slow down. Enough is enough! We have enough new technology to last several decades.

Waking up and shutting down new technological advances except in specific areas (the military) will help to avoid a robotic and jobless society, resulting in disaster for the ordinary citizen.

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