Tips for reinventing your Appearance after a breakup



The end of a relationship doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Instead, it should be a new beginning, a time to reinvent your attitude and appearance in life. You have an opportunity to show the world (and your ex-lover) a new you.

In many relationships, the one who got left fall into a victim mentality and expects her friends to celebrate a breakup with a pity party.  After that, she is left with memories that she finds hard to release and move on.  However, you must forgive, forget and go forward if you want to regain the possession of your soul from someone who has already forgotten about you.

Refuse to allow such a situation to destroy your dignity.  Give yourself a makeover, reinvention, a new style and appearance.  Let’s start with:


Changing your attitude toward life will change your personality. You may have been a person who believed in standing in the gap to protect your lover’s weaknesses. Now you know that every individual must be willing to examine themselves and overcome their own faults. You cannot overcome your man’s weakness; you can only help him cover them up, whatever it may be:  anger, low self-worth, laziness, cheating etc.

Developing a personality that allows others the freedom to choose their own path while you joyously celebrate your life is a true sign of happiness.


Dress to make a totally new impression of yourself. You may have dressed according to the desires of your ex- boyfriend or spouse, but now you are ready to experiment with a whole new wardrobe. Choose a brand which represents your ideal self: sophisticated, modest, or flamboyant, the choice is up to you. Refuse to allow other people’s opinion influence you from developing your own style of dressing.


Changing the way you walk can make a big difference in how people perceive you.  For example, if you have a timid approach to life you walk will reflect this wherever you go, or if you always in a state of anger, your walk will also reflect such a negative state, turning people away from you.

On the other hand, if your mindset is full of confidence, you walk will definitely be magnetic. People will instantly be attracted to you and give you preferential treatment.


Watch your words! They are powerful enough to transform your attitude toward life, people and God, the higher power.  Therefore, don’t be a person who is always blaming or is always ready to judge or condemn others for their fault. We all have something that is wrong with us when it comes to being a perfect person.  No one is exempt.

To build your confidence in the new you, speak only the most positive words you can imagine about yourself and others.  Never resort to a series of negative conversations with people who are toxic to your new outlook and who are unwilling to change themselves. Remember the old adage; misery loves the company and lots of it. Talk your way into a new person with positive, affirmative words and ideas.


If you can develop the habit of smiling wherever you go, the confidence you will acquire will amaze you to the fullest.  The world needs more smiles. Seems like every news event or report is on the side of sadness.

However, you smile toward the world could change everything, daily. People become very interesting in those who smile, regardless of what is happening in their world. A constant smile lets people know that it is alright that joy and happiness still exist in a world of turmoil and strife. So reinvent your life with a big, welcoming smile.


Becoming the ideal you makes the all-important statement is that you are worth more than somebody else thought and that you can live without them in a whole new world. People who reinvent their looks have also reinvented their entire lives.  It will take courage and resiliency to get back up after you have been floored by a bad breakup, but the rewards are more than the pain of staying down.


Refuse to diminish your worth if someone breaks up with you. Too many people allow their negative opinion about themselves take complete control of their lives. They resort to living in a bubble of isolation, in an attempt to avoid the pain of breaking up again. Don’t let this happen to you. Life is way too short to embrace such negative myths about yourself.

You are unique, one of a kind, with inner gifts and talents, worthy to be praised the same as any other human being, regardless of how magnificent.

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