Dollar Tree Stores-the Growing Popularity of a Discount Variety Store Chain


Dollar Tree is an ever growing popular discount variety store in which all products can be purchased for just a dollar, a poor person’s goldmine.  Dollar Tree’s growth and development has been highly successful in nearly every state.  With 14,835 locations, and over 170,000 employees and a net income earning of US $1.714 billion, the popular discount chain is quickly reaching Fortune 500 status.

You can find a Dollar Tree store is several of the major malls, including Mall of America, an indication that people are not ashamed of buying items at the level of a dollar. Dollar Tree’s territorial inclusion into the society of major store chains, including Macy’s and other Mall stores, is a remarkable achievement.

Who Buys from Dollar Tree?

When it comes to buying items at dollar tree, there is no respect of persons. All races, cultures and income levels check out and purchase its products.  People, regardless of social status, are always looking for a bargain. Dollar tree is rapidly becoming the bargain capital of the city or state, especially among those who are on a seriously tight budget.


  • Ridiculously Low Prices
  • Money savers
  • Offer a Wide range of consumer goods
  • Offer some brand name items
  • Reasonable Check out time


  • Some products may not meet the quality level desired. However, many of the items are as good as popular brands

My Experience Shopping at Dollar Tree

I have been an avid consumer there since my awareness of its arrival in the Marketplace, saving thousands of my own dollars. Why buy expensive when you can buy cheap? Millions of American consumers are flocking to the variety store chain, purchasing a wide range of products.

Types of Products

Food Items

  • Meats
  • Canned goods
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Cereal

Home Products

  • Kitchen items
  • Bathroom items
  • Cleaning items

Office & school items

  • Writing pads
  • Pens & pencils
  • School supplies

Personal items

  • Soaps
  • Mouthwash
  • Finger nail polish

The above products are only a small fraction of what the variety discount store chain offers to consumers.  New and higher quality products are being added on a constant basis.  Some name brand items, (small quantities) are sold by dollar tree stores as well.

Neatness of the Aisles

Walk into any Dollar Tree store; you will discover how neatly the items are stacked upon the selves. The popular discount store takes great pride in the appearance of the place.  Compared to some of the aisles in Walmart stores, I would gladly give Dollar Tree the upper hand.

Customer Curtesy

The knowledge of the clerks is also on target. Clerks I have asked for information have been able to promptly provide me with the information I need. The cashier is always courteous and never refuses to engage in a bit of small talk from time to time.

My Final Verdict on Dollar Tree

Do you want to save lots of money? People spend hundreds of dollars on food each week, sometimes spending a thousand dollars a month. If you are tired of spending a lot of money on grocery bills and other personal items, Dollar Tree is a store you should seriously consider.

Just because everything is a dollar doesn’t mean that the products are of low quality or value. Many of the items will be as profitable to you as your choice of regular name brand items.






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