Signs you should Wait or not have children


Children are beautiful.  They give us hope and purpose when it comes to moving forward in life. Our desire is to create a wonderful world for our children, with the intent of providing better opportunities for them then we had when we were children.

If you are a woman, the ideal of having a child may often cross your mind. You imagine how beautiful your child will be and how you’re going to raise it. You and your partner may have been thinking about it all along, but you are unsure whether or not you should go ahead with the ideal.

However, there are obvious signs that may indicate that you are not quite ready to bring a child into the world.

Things you should consider before having a child

Emotional maturity

Are you ready to settle down? Do you handle upsets and interruptions with calmness or do you go off the chine with angry outbursts or other meltdowns that could pose harm to your pregnancy or child rearing?

In addition, to have a child while experiencing a prolonged, depressed condition isn’t healthy for you or your child. A mother should carry a child in a state of joy and expectancy, not in a state of hopelessness and despair, a condition that could lead to a psychological breakdown.

Financial readiness

Are you ready financially to have a child? Bring a child into the world and attempting to raise it in the right way can be very expensive, especially if you are not rich or if you or your partner aren’t financially reliable. Struggling to make ends meet and trying to provide for your child could cause your stress level to skyrocket.

If you are going to bring a child into the world, make sure that you and your partner can at least provide a decent life for the little one.

Realistic goals and expectations

Goals provide direction in life and are the tools which high-level success is made of. If you have a child what are your family goals? Are they realistic? What do you expect to happen in your life ten years from now when the child is no longer a toddler?

Will your goals be detrimental to the ones you set for your child? For example, do you have goals of becoming a millionaire at the expense of neglecting your child or family? Realistic goals will center on preparing your child for the future, teaching them how to face the world with integrity, responsibility, and courage.

At each stage of your child’s development, you must be aware of what your child is going through and in what direction he or she is being pulled. Many times while approaching early teen years, children may become distracted from the goals you have set for them due to peer pressure.  If necessary, you must be able to confront these issues.


Are you too young or too old to have a child? I know this is a reality in all societies. But in American society, you must consider the consequences. For example, if you have a child too young (say eighteen), you will be given up your freedom to live and enjoy life as a single person.

Since you are fresh out of high school, you should be making plans to attend college or go into a trade program so that you can work toward a career.  You may even want to do some traveling and enjoy your independence for a while. There will be plenty of time to decide if you are ready for a child.

But what if you are older (say 50), do you want to spend the remainder of your years raising a child, considering the energy and sacrifice it will take.  If you are willing then more power to you. Go ahead and enjoy the journey.

However, if you often experience health problems in your advance age, maybe it would be wise to give up on the idea. Because of the strength and focus, it takes to raise a child; you will most likely not have the physical ability to take care of a child. In addition, you will run the risk of complications due to giving birth to older women.

The Bottom Line

Children are a blessing. The greatest joy is watching them grow up and facing new stages in life, such as graduation, going to college, getting married and giving us grandchildren.  However, if you have children when you are not ready, then not only you, but the child will also suffer.

Making wise choices in life is a matter of happiness and despair.  Getting your own life in order first is the key to making a positive difference is someone else’s, especially the innocent life of a child.


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