Overcoming the “People May Think I Am Crazy Mentality”


Success in any arena of life requires a great indifference toward being liked and admired when it comes to making life-changing decisions. You cannot reach and sustain a state of peace and happiness if you are afraid of what a person or group of people think about you. The choices you make have as much value as anybody else’s.

The “people may think I am crazy mentality” indicates that you are not in control of your life. Instead, you have given full charge of your life to the opinions of strangers from which you want to avoid rejection. So you and I do and say what we think they want us to believe about us. The odd thing is the strangers which we try to please have done nothing for us. They haven’t fed us, paid our bills or helped us in any way. Yet we are willing to allow their opinion to stand between us and a life of joy and prosperity.


People who are controlled by the opinions of others never make it to the pinnacle of success in life. Instead, their lives are other-driven.  Because they are in bondage to what others think of them, these people possess a slave mentality. The opinions of others are their masters.

Breaking Free the “People may think I am Crazy Mentality”

However, it’s time to break free from bondage and take back your life. What others think about you isn’t a law. You may think that people will think you are crazy because you make your own decisions without their validation. So what! Allow them to think what they want. That is their problem, not yours.

You must break free from opinions which destroy your joy and freedom to live as a valuable human being.

First, determine that you will no longer allow people to control you. This is a significant decision because breaking free is difficult due to the length of time you have been in bondage to people

Acknowledge that you have mistakenly wasted a good part of your life submitting to the wishes of others. Also, realize that you are not the only one. Millions of people are in bondage to the opinions of others.

Make your own decision. Confront your fear of people again and again, regardless of how uncomfortable or self-conscious you are of the thoughts of others. Each time you go against the “people may think I am crazy mentality,’ the more liberation you will experience from people and the bondage which has held you back for years.

Commit to the full price

Stay committed to overcoming “the people may think I am crazy mentality.”  Although you will experience ups and downs in your determination to break free, you must not get discouraged and give up. You must persevere until you are totally liberated. Victory occurs once you have overcome the intensity of the battle.

Advantages of overcoming the “people may think I am crazy mentality.”

Once you have completely overcome “the people may think I am crazy mentality,” you will be totally transformed from head to feet. You will have a new found self-confidence that will attract people to your regardless of where you go. You possess a magical charisma when you are disconnected from social opinion.  The whole thing sounds contradictory. When you don’t care what people think, they like you even more.

Now go forward. Defy what people think.  Destiny awaits you. Break totally free.


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