The Biggest Dating Mistake You Don’t Want to Make


A great dating experience involves an atmosphere of positive energy and quality time getting to know each other. However, a sudden awareness of bad breath can turn a good time into a nightmare in a matter of minutes.

Along as two couples are apart, sitting across the dinner table, everything is alright. But when the two of them starts to get close-holding hands, whispering-things can go horribly wrong once a blast of bad breath enters the picture.

One or the other person will be anxious for the romantic nightmare to end. Smiles, gestures, and conversations will most likely become superficial and fake.

You thought You Brushed Your Teeth

For some people, it takes more than a tooth brush to destroy bad breath. They can brush their teeth three times a day and still have bad oral hygiene. According to studies, many cases of bad breath are due to conditions which go beyond just brushing the teeth.

For example, many people have rotten teeth or a tooth that has decayed with unwholesome food particles still lodged within it. This type of teeth is hard to clean unless you go to the dentist for a thorough oral cleansing. However, some of us are afraid of the dentist due to certain painful procedures experienced in previous visits.

Another reason for bad breath could be due to an inability to digest food. You become constipated over a long period of time; leaving your breath smelling awfully offensive to the person you may be dating.

The remedy for constipation problems is an inner cleansing, and afterward, you should maintain a consistent pattern of bowel movements. You should use a natural colon cleansing formula or go get a hydrotherapy treatment at the medical center. The procedure isn’t painful at all. It involves gently infusing water into the colon through the rectum, eliminating the toxins within the colon.

The Real Issue: Bad Breath

Enough about the Colon! The Real issue is if you have a case of bad breath what you are going to do about it before embarrassing yourself as well as your date. The biggest mistake is to ignore that the problem exists until you find out the hard way. Well, refuse to let this happen.

Remember words get around. If your date is turned off by your bad breath, she or he is bound to tell others about the experience. As a result, the perception of you as a romantic partner will be totally negative. This could lead to massive rejection.

The Negative Force of Bad Breath

I once had a friend who, despite brushing his teeth and using mouthwash, just couldn’t get rid of his overwhelming breath odor. If he walked into a room, sooner or later everyone became aware of the offensive smell. People begin avoiding his conversation at all cost. Those who did talk to him, refuse to face him.

Unfortunately, he moved out of town and I never heard from him again.

Keeping your breath fresh and clean is a prerequisite for a successful dating experience. Never make the mistake of taking your oral hygiene for granted. The awareness will save you from massive rejection and embarrassment.


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