Are dating sites channels for danger or opportunities for New Beginnings?


Dating sites appear to be a godsend for people who don’t have enough time to experiment with dating via nightclubs or other common ways of connecting with others. The traditional way of meeting someone special may take years. For this reason, thousands of people turn to dating sites to find the love of their lives.

Dating sites allow potential clients to browse the pictures and read the profiles of interesting and comparable people over to dating.  The hassle of trying to find someone special on your own is eliminated, and your chances of meeting someone special is multiplied, depending on the populated of the dating site.

Choosing a Dating Site

Deciding to turn to a dating site gives you advantages over people who would rather find a date via the traditional method. Getting to know an individual is cut in half since you are able to read a person’s profile. The knowledge you gain by reading a person’s profile can be substantiated during the experience of meeting and conversa ting.

When you have a blueprint of a person’s character or personality in your head, then you can expect to see qualities with which you are already familiar. This ability to analyze a person’s character is the opportunity provided by dating sites.

However, be warned, you must take responsibility. Relying on the site profile as the final truth about your date is a big mistake. Many have ignored this caution and paid a cruel price. Ignorance can place your life in danger.

Before going on a date with someone you meet on a dating site you must exercise caution.  Be aware that this person may not fit the profile started on the site.

What to Do on the First Date

The following tips will help you determine if the person you are dating is the one you anticipated from the dating site profile.

Anticipate the impression of the person you met on the dating site but be watchful for major behavior deviations from that impression. People don’t always tell the truth about themselves, regardless of how tender and kind they may appear.

Speak up if you must. Don’t be afraid to politely challenge your date if his or her character is way out of alignment with the impression you received from the pre-dating experience.  Remind him that you had not expected such out of place impression to be occurring.

For if you date is Swearing profusely,  talking only about what pleases him, and not responding to your likes and interests, then you must challenge that behavior before going any further.

Voicing your concern when necessary will help you avoid major disappointment right away. If you ignore such behavior, you might be getting yourself into a world of trouble.

Avoid getting into an argument. This would be the wrong approach. You don’t’ want to make a scene with someone you really don’t’ know.  Address deviant behavior with kindness and gentleness.   Speak with soft words, not harsh language. Your date with appreciate such approach and will mostly likely feel a need to apologize.

Enjoy the time you spend with this person. Don’t let one little small mistake or mystery keep you from having a good dating experience.

While looking at this person, imagine yourself with him or her for the long haul. Does it feel right? Are you comfortable and excited at the prospect?  The way you feel in the presence of another person makes a big difference when it comes to finding that special someone.

Make a Good Impression

If you really like this person, make a good impression.  Make sure your conversations are positive and inspiring. Make sure you are mindful of his interests and concerns as equally as you are interested in your own.  Good dating relationships should operate on a 50/50 basis.

Go for a walk around the city or in the park (if New York, Central Park). Autumn in the park is beautiful. In addition, talk about your dreams and hopes. However, never sound desperate for the relationship. Show a level of self-respect and independence. Such attitude proves that you are confident and can hold your own in life.

Interpret your feeling

After the first date, interpret your feelings. Did you really have a good time? Is this the type of person you can spend your whole life with? Or did the person act totally different from what you were expecting? Did being in there presence make you feel uncomfortable at times.  If you are observant, the first date will give you an indication of whether or not you should continue dating the person.


Dating sites can be and has been a blessing to many people. However, dating sites can also be a curse to those who are not wise and those who avoid a caution.  Unsuspecting people can fall into several traps while dating, falling victims to abuse, kidnap, viruses, disappearance, and murder.

Therefore, don’t put all your trust in dating sites. Be open to meeting people in the more traditional ways, even though this way may take longer. The most important thing is that you stay safe and secure in your dating experiences. Sooner or later you will find the one that is waiting for you.




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