Can the Minnesota Lynx Conquer Its Quest for a 5th Championship?

Yes, they can. But to win another WNBA championship, the Minnesota Lynx must storm the castle of inconsistency when it comes to playing rival teams.  The Lynx had lost four games straight before regain their wining composure, just in time for a run in the playoffs.

The quest is to win their fifth championship within 7 years, a sign of a team establishing itself as an undisputable dynasty. If the Minnesota lynx can conquer this outstanding task, the team will go down in history as the greatest WNBA team ever.

However, they must work extremely hard and believe they can complete their quest to become the greatest. They cannot escape the fact that other WNBA teams have taken a tremendous leap in experience and talent. The competition has become fierce with young, lightning fast point guards and power forwards moving swiftly to the goal.

Therefore, the Minnesota Lynx must be prepared for every battle. This is no time to play with the indifference of a regular season game. Instead, they must dominant the court and every minute of play with the fierceness and rage of a team that cannot be denied. Such is the response needed to win a 5th championship.

The mindset of a fierce champion can control the intensity of hungry rivals designed to destroy the day of glory. Fierce champions leave no weaknesses within their game and show no mercy to opposing teams, especially in the playoffs. A fierce champion can silence the crowd of a rival team with an attack so solid that the other team will wonder what occurred.

The magnitude of a 5th Championship for the Minnesota Lynx will place them above the 4 time champion: Houston Rockets, a team that won decisively around the birth of the league and when WNBA teams weren’t as skilled and talented as they are now.

A 5th Championship will establish the reputation of the Minnesota Lynx as the best team ever assembled in women’s basketball.