Aretha Franklin: The Musical Messages of an Iconic Soul


The power of Aretha Franklin’s mezzo soprano voice will always be undeniable and unmatchable. The power of her voice was a God-given gift designed to transform the hearts and soul of societies.  Such dynamic, emotional oriented songs told stories and included messages, including RESPECT, Natural Woman, and Chain of Fools, just to name a few.

Each time she sang, her goal was to move the soul of every individual within the power of her divine sound. She achieved this goal time after time, again at her last major public appearance at president Obama’s inaugural ceremony and the Kennedy Center Honors in 2015, singing Natural Women, a song which brought the crowd out of their seats.

Here song creations included:

  • Natural Woman
  • Say a Little Prayer
  • Chain of Fools
  • Day Dreaming
  • Don’t play that song
  • Freeway of Love
  • Rock Steady

For six decades, and with fire and passion, Aretha Franklin moved her audiences with the above songs and many more. But each song had a message integrated within the lyrics. Such songs covered the reality of that time and still possess relevance for decades to come, especially for those who desire songs with meaning.

Everyone Needs Respect

She once said in an interview that,” All people want respect, young and old, and in the middle. Everyone wants to be respected and appreciated.”

The legendary singer owned her performance in every live concert appearance.  People were full of joy and happiness, some laughing and some crying as the meaning of her songs connected with their timely reality.

Besides, Respect, the song, “Say little Pray,” was one of my favorites, playing it several times a day.  Not only I, but my family and friends would play here songs night and day. The lyrics were inspiring, uplifting and thought to provoke, not only on a personal level but also on a national level.

For example, the song “Respect,” brought attention to the power of women.  The lyrics raised awareness of the women’s treatment as second class citizens.  It was a bold stance in a male dominated society.

Rewards and Recognition

Having sold over 75 million songs, reaching the top of the hit chart 112 times, the Queen of Soul was an inspiration to hundreds of song artist around the world.

If any song artist is worthy of honor and praise it is the Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin. On her journey through earth, she received the Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy Life Time Achievement Award and the Medal of Freedom.

Aretha Franklin will live on in her songs and the powerful messages in her songs, which includes devotion, civil rights, breaking free, and enjoying life.





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