Using My Creativity to Overcome the Boredom of Warehouse Work


My intent was to work until early September and then quit to return to my regular teaching job. During the summer months teachers are usually unemployed. It is hard to find good work unless you are prepared to work full time.

The content of my day consists of lifting, pushing and throwing away trash and metals in giant dumpers until lunch time, getting something to eat, and starting again until quitting time. This type of work is a drastic change from teaching students all day. Teaching was more challenging and interesting throughout the day.  However, ‘Break Down” work was indeed the second best thing to do.

To measure my work and make things go by quickly, I counted the number of times we loaded and unloaded a container of metal. It took about an hour to get down stairs via the freight elevator. If we could make five trips, then we can make 5 hours of work very interesting.

We distributed the metal to one another, forming a work chain to the dumpster. This made the work easier than individually lifting heavy metal structures. Back injuries and other muscle strains were a threat to all involved.

Therefore, in this type of work, awareness and creativity involving structure is the key to success. Out of the mess of things, you should create some sort of structure.  In warehouse work, if you don’t know how to organize your work, then things will be quite confusing.

However, if you can make sense out of the chaos and confusion, the time will go faster and you will enjoy completing tasks. But never tackle a messy job without creating some type of structure, either in the number of job completions or the time it takes to complete a task.


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