6 Best Qualities Associated with Bringing Your Dreams to Pass


A dream is a gift, an adventure and an opportunity to show the world that you are a person who refuses to settle for a life of mediocrity and weakness.  If you desire to live in a superior state of existence, resulting in prestige and recognition, a dream is a vehicle that will move you forward to achieve such an ideal state. Achieving dreams is a prerequisite for living a superior quality of life, love, and happiness.

Dreams are achieved in in all areas of life. People dream of having a great career, owning a fabulous home, finding the perfect spouse, having a pair of healthy children, or becoming one of the most riches persons on earth. However, dreams don’t come true by setting around and thinking about them.  Certain dynamic qualities exist that, if well executed, will help accelerate your dream into manifestation.


A desire is a power which enables us to see ourselves in an ideal state of happiness. Desire originates out of our need to move forward in life. Without desires, we would have no hope of moving from one level of existence to another. Without desire, we will have no motivation to become greater than we are now.

Desire arouses within us a tendency to move away from an undesirable condition to something totally new and transformative.  When we lose our desires, our souls fall into deep states of depression and despair. Therefore, to stop desiring for greater levels of existence and achievement is to fall from grace and face the crackling of demise.

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Keep your desire strong and let nothing discourage you from bringing it into manifestation.


Faith is the unmanifested reality of your ideal state of existence. Despite being contradicted by the five senses, the thing you desire is already there.  All you have to do is believe it into manifestation with great expectancy.

Circumstances and conditions contradicting the ideal state desired are not friends of faith because it is a power that disregards outward evidence of hopelessness and despair. Faith is hope against hope. Whoever applies faith to understanding will always move forward toward their dreams regardless of how things look. Setbacks, bad breaks and let downs are only temporary distractions from the knowledge and manifestation of the ideal reality that already exists.


For a dream to come true, the focus must become a top priority. If you are not thinking about achieving your dreams both day and night, then your focus isn’t strong enough to bring the dream into manifestation. The purpose of the focus is to prevent the onslaught of distractions that come when pursing a higher level of existence.  No one achieves success in anything without overcoming obstacles along the way.

A person with the power of focus will more quickly bring his dream into reality than the person who is unfocused for most of the day.

The focus is the determination not to be sidetracked by family, people or events. While others are out painting the town, a highly focused person is working on achieving their dreams.


Be willing to pay the full price. If you are a person who gives up when the going gets rough, then you will have a difficult time achieving your dreams in life. The manifestation of dreams comes through a jungle of setbacks and failure.

Great people use these disappointments as stepping stones, but unsuccessful people are those whose commitment is weak enough to be overthrown by the slightest discouragement.

Commitment is the determination to pay the full price for a dream, regardless of how long it takes to achieve or how treacherous the path to the ideal reality.

To avoid being shocked by the difficulties of manifesting dreams, acknowledge that the road will be difficult but because of your determination, victory is certain.

Consistency of Action

Avoid procrastination at all cost. The consistency of action is vital to the achievement of dreams.  Highly successful people are highly disciplined people. They refuse to let irrelevant conditions and circumstances stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Every day is an opportunity to move closer to move to the next level of life and into their ideal state of existence.  The magnitude of your consistency will determine the time it takes for your dream to appear in your reality.

Get rid of all distraction that would hamper your ability to remain consistent in the pursuit of your dreams. Releasing these things may be difficult but it is necessary for your success in life.


Perseverance is the state of being unstoppable.  Greatness in any endeavor is achieved by those who refuse to give up due to fear or dread.  The courage to move forward on a dream despite the opposition of fear and shame is the hallmark of conquering what others think is impossible.

All things considered great in our world today is the fruit of perseveranceEvery form of technology we enjoy daily is a reality because somebody refuses to give up when the dream appeared to be impossible to realize.

You Must Get Started

The achievement of your dream will not happen unless you get started. The longer you think about it, regardless of the joy such thoughts bring, will not result in the manifestation of your ideal state of existence.

People who are excited about good things but do not make efforts to accomplish them are nothing more than wishful thinkers who have chosen comfort and convenience over courage and challenge. Such people have already thrown in the tile and will have to settle for a life of mediocrity and boring sameness.

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