AAA Labor Review: A Godsend for the Desperately Unemployed

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I was a struggling teacher searching for work in the summer time. One thing I know is that if a teacher is not planning on teaching summer school, he or she will probably struggle to make ends meet. However, if teachers were paid more than summer unemployment wouldn’t be a problem.

Nevertheless, summer after summer I struggled with finding a job. I submitted a number of applications at temp agents around the city, but none of them came through for me.  Many times those in charge were deceptive when it came to providing good customer service. They were playing games, leading me to believe that they had a job for me, only to find out that they had nothing.

On occasion, a few tempt agents were downright hostile and wanted to get you off the phone.

My situation got worse one summer when I and my wife both were unemployed. She quit her job unfortunately at the wrong time: summer. Now we both were jobless. To make matters work, she and a friend had a car accident.  A lady without insurance backed up into the car in a Popeye’s chicken restaurant.  As a result, I had to spend my last $500 dollars on the insurance deductible or I would not be able to get the car repaired.

The story doesn’t start to turn around here. Heck no!  The situation worsened. Because I and my wife were both unemployed, neither one of us could gather up enough money to pay the rent.  After struggling to keep our two bedroom apartment we were forced to move out of the place and reside with in-laws. That’s another story.

AAA Labor: Daily Advance Cash Pay

Around mid-July, while searching on the internet under tempts services, I came across the solution. Out of all my summers spent searching for work, I had never discovered this solution:  AAA Labor

AAA Labor is a small business, tempts service offering same day labor (90% of the time) for various short term project around the city. Located in East Minneapolis, near downtown, AAA Labor has been around for years, helping the unemployed find work.  The staff is friendly and does everything necessary to find appropriate work for the desperately unemployed.

The distinctive thing about AAA Labor is that, in addition to getting a weekly pay check, you can opt to receive cash advances on the same days you work.  This is a good thing for people who are struggling to find out where the next meal is coming.  Getting a case advance on the same day for each day you work is quite unique and differentiates AAA Labor from other temp services, including Atlas Staffing, a respectable tempt agent which pays every week.

To work for AAA Labor, all an individual has to do is go to the tempt service and fill out an application, which has to be completed there.  Once an application is submitted and approved, a person can start working the same day and expect to get a case advance the same day as well.

All you have to do is sit down in the lobby and wait for a highly possible, same day assignment.  AAA labor offers 1st, 2nd and occasional 3 shift employment.  Orders for general labor come in throughout the day.


  • Same day jobs 90% of the time
  • Cash advances every day you work
  • Can pay emergency bills and buy food
  • Meet new people


  • Occasionally slow when finding same day work, but rarely.
  • Waiting for an assignment may be over an hour. Nevertheless, what have you got to lose if you are in need of some emergency cash?


Reaching a Point of Stability

After a few weeks of working with AAA Labor, I was able to get back on my feet, pay off some much needed bills and sustain food supply, and to financially assist my wife you had gotten another job in her specialty career of accounting.

AAA Labor is a god send for people who find themselves in financial emergencies and who are in need of quick cash for paying bills or feeding a family.

You don’t have to be an unemployed teacher to work at AAA Labor. Because of the Company’s flexibility, you can work there during times of temporary unemployment, including holidays breaks, layoffs, and gaps between seeking a permanent job in your professional field.

AAA Labor is highly recommended. Rating: 10 out of 10



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