Community Focus: Are You Practicing Good Citizenship?


A good citizen contributes to society because he or she cares about people and the community.  Serving others in their time of need, helping to clean up a neighborhood, and electing local and national officials that care about ordinary people are the responsibilities of good citizens.

Encouraging agreement and initiative on ideas that matter is the goal of every American citizen. Their activities reach beyond selfishness. In addition, their ability to create a sense of belonging among neighbors and motivate them to improve society separates them from people who only look out for themselves.

The traits of a good citizen include:

  • empowering
  • Compassionate
  • Cooperative
  • Sense of ownership
  • Peace making

The need for good citizenship is without a doubt an obvious need. Times are changing, and it appears that people are becoming more focused on themselves instead of their neighborhoods and communities.  But without good citizenship, our families, neighborhoods, and communities would go straight to the dogs.

Developing the awareness of good citizenship in our homes, workplaces, schools, and communities is a vital necessity if society is to avoid deterioration.

Developing good citizenship

Assess your outlook on life. Do you desire to see people happy in your community? Do you want to see growth and unity among neighbors? Then you are well on your way to becoming a contributing man or woman in local surroundings.

Discover the wants and needs of those around you. People need many things, including love, empowerment, direction, physical help and monetary resources.

Focus on one major need and do all in your power to bring attention to the need so that you can obtain the appropriate resources required to resolve the needs. For example, you can launch a non-profit organization to help people with needs, especially around holidays and various seasons of throughout the year.

Create groups for special tasks, such as cleaning up the community and voicing concerns about problems (unemployment, crime, homelessness) which need the attention of the local government officials.

Becoming a good citizen is the only hope for transforming society. Great neighborhoods and communities are in existence due to the quality of citizenship.

Let’s not ignore our ability to create possible change in society. Good citizenship is all about such privilege.

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