Self-Affirmations-The Key to Attracting Your Most Desired Dreams



Affirmations are the key to transforming our mental atmosphere. The thoughts we think throughout the day determines the quality of our lives. Negative thoughts destroy our livelihood in numerous ways while positive thoughts empower us.

Choosing the right affirmation can transform your quality of life.  My life has been significantly empowered due to the powerful affirmations I have embraced over many years. Each day I affirm these magnificent thoughts, my world becomes a paradise.

 Affirmations Guaranteed to Transform

One of my favorite affirmation, “I am grateful and celebrate every day” releases a burst of inner joy, peace, and love, vibrations which lasts throughout my day. The best time to use this affirmation is right when you get up in the morning. Say it loud and clear, feel the energy of these powerful words and activate your expectation for good things to fill your day.

Another of my affirmations, I am a magnet for success and good fortune,” empowers my expectations to receive all I need for from the wealth of the universe. When I am feeling less than hopeful about some situation or circumstance, repeating this affirmation 3 times a day gives me hope and faith that everything is going to be alright.

My Last affirmation, “My good comes from everywhere and everyone,” connects me with positive people and events everywhere I go. When you repeat this affirmation your expectation for good happening goes through the roof.

Good things follow almost immediately. People will go out of their way to open doors for me. They give me special attention and favor.  Sometimes when I am walking, I might find money on my journey or I may get an unexpected check in the well.

Achieving the Desired Outcome

Our desired outcome in life will never happen unless we entertain the right thoughts in our consciousness. Affirmations will help you eliminate all doubt and unbelief about your abilities to achieve an exceptional quality of life.  Overcoming stagnation is just a matter of transforming your mind with new thoughts and ideas designed to experienced joyful and prosperous stages of life

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