The New American Dream: Beyond Personal Stagnation

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Living the American Dream means different things to different people. Many view such American privileges as possessing as many materialistic things as possible. To me the American Dream means to be free to express yourself creatively, to pursue knowledge without persecution, to worship God without restriction and to contribute and help transform society without the interference of a dictatorial government.  That’s living the American Dream to me.

The Experience of the American Dream is for every citizen. No society which oppresses a certain race or culture can continue to grow unjudged. The moment an individual obtains legal citizenship, the potential to pursue joy, peace, and prosperity are wide open. It is up to the individual to dream or not to dream.

Pursuing a Cause Beyond Yourself

The answer to mediocrity, laziness, and personal stagnation is to pursue a cause beyond yourself, sacrificing your own wants and desires for the betterment of humanity

Helping to transform society is the true measure of living the American Dream.  It should mean transcending yourself.  As a result, you will be providing hope for thousands or maybe millions of people who are in need guidance, assistance, and support.

When you agree to live beyond yourself, you have opened the door to serving others. Without serving others there is no American Dream. That is the reason, so many people are living in poverty because their reason for living doesn’t go beyond themselves.

Those who pursue the American Dream will be able to avoid poverty and oppression because they have decided to not depend on others for handouts.

Pursuing the American Dreams will bring you:

  • A reputation for good citizenship
  • Recognition as well as emotional and physical rewards
  • Poise and character
  • The finer things in life

Obtaining the above things are great reasons for pursuing the American Dream.  But true joy and happiness come when you are determined to thrive beyond personal stagnation.

The American Dreams starts with the idea of what you want to do in life for the betterment of humanity. Integrated into that idea is what you want to become.  Do you want to be the president of the United States, do you want to be the voice in your community? Do you want to transform the lives of your family or neighbors? Serve! Serve! Serve!

Millions of Americans are not living the American Dream because they are waiting for it to happen to them. Many hope someday if they just keep on working hard on their 9 to 5, the great American promise will come one day. However, this promise of American bliss cannot come without the cost of looking beyond yourself.

Dedicated Service: The True Measure of Prosperity

If you wish to obtain prosperity and success for yourself alone, the dream will allude you. As lone as you refuse to serve others on your own initiative, the dream will not become a genuine reality for you.

People who desire lots of money just to spend it all on themselves will be highly disappointed when the money never comes.

The New American Dream calls out to every citizen. You are free to live. The proof is everywhere you look. Don’t let mental illusions prevent you from dreaming big. No person, place or thing can stop you. No handicap, harsh past life, or any condition or circumstance can qualify as an obstacle to your ability making a difference in the lives of humanity.



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